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The Young Bucks on their current relationship with Cody Rhodes

Matt & Nick Jackson explain the Twitter bio from after Rhodes’ return to WWE that many perceived as a shot at their former AEW co-founder.

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After Cody Rhodes showed up at WrestleMania on April 2, The Young Bucks updated their Twitter bio with a joke about one of the men they founded AEW with going back to WWE.

Then, after Rhodes tweeted “Wrestling is a love story,” Matt & Nick Jackson changed their message to “The story of a couple of self-made SoCal kids who came from nothing & built a gigantic movement was never going to be romantic enough for you.”

Most fans saw it as a response to Cody’s tweet. And combined with the speculation and reports about what led to Rhodes leaving AEW, it was interpreted as a critical, defensive response.

Not so, Matt told Justin Barrasso of SI:

“That Twitter bio was actually dedicated to cynical wrestling fans who’ve always discredited us and shaped a narrative early on that we weren’t important to the launch of AEW. So they ran with a story that made more sense to them. We talk to Cody regularly, and hope nothing but the best for him.”

So it was a critical, defensive response — but one aimed at a portion of their fanbase, not at Rhodes, with whom they’re still friendly.

Check out The Bucks entire interview with Barrasso, which is mostly about their classic match with FTR on the April 6 Dynamite, here.

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