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Come for another killer Eddie Kingston promo, stay for his beautiful eyebrows

Opinions vary about Eddie Kingston overall, but one opinion steady across the board is that Kingston cuts killer promos. Another opinion many can agree on is that Kingston has beautiful eyebrows.

Kingston rocked the mic again with an outstanding promo on the latest ‘Road to’ episode to promote Dynamite. Kingston will team with Santana and Ortiz against the Jericho Appreciation Society trio of Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, and Daniel Garcia. As with most Kingston promos, reading the text alone doesn’t do it justice. Watch the clip and allow his intensity and anger to sell you on this match.

Eddie Kingston: I stuck my hand out as a sign of respect. I’m a little bit old school, dog. When a man goes to shake your hand, and you shake it. That’s a bond you do not break. That’s respect you do not disrespect, and you did.

Chris, you don’t know what you did. I actually feel a little bad for you. I actually feel bad for 2point0, whatever their names are, (and) Garcia. I don’t feel bad for Jake (Hager). But you (Jericho) I feel bad for, because you have a family. What are you going to tell your son and your daughters when you can’t walk with them anymore anywhere? What are you going to tell your daughter when she asks you to walk her down the aisle and you can’t?

You see, Chris, now we’re playing by our rules. We’re playing our game, Chris. And our game goes forever. Our game leaves you scarred where you don’t even know who you are. Chris, hahaha. Our game, when you go to hell, the devil laughs at you, because you knew shouldn’t have messed with us.

Chris, we’re going to bust you up. Garcia, 2point0, Jake, we’re going to end your careers. This is not a joke anymore. We are the wrong ones. We don’t play like these other kids do. We don’t make dumb jokes. We’re not entertainers or actors.

We are what we are! You know what we really are? Three hungry New York dogs that are going to eat you all alive. Bitch, I’m going to get you. You ever disrespect me... (throws chair) You low-life scumbag. We’re going to bust you up.

Kingston is a lunatic. The intensity of his threats make it seem that it is not hyperbole. The utter disdain in his voice when saying the word, “entertainers,” is palpable. His explosion of rage at the end was equal parts hilarious and terrifying. If Kingston reads this, cue the Goodfellas “How am I funny?” scene from Joe Pesci.

What does this have to do with Kingston’s eyebrows? Well, you can thank RJ City for that. Kingston was the latest guest on City’s AEW talk show, in which he complimented Kingston’s style. The video is a roast format with the host acting oblivious to rabble-rousing. Kingston is a good sport throughout as a surly straight man for the humor.

RJ City: First question, Edward. You’re a rough and tumble individual, but you have, if I may, now I’m being forward, I’m going to earn the Eddie, two of the most beautiful eyebrows I’ve ever seen. Is it hard for you to be so tough and yet so beautiful at the same time?

Kingston reacted with a WTF expression.

Hey! (EW)

Eddie Kingston: Come test me. Whoever thinks it’s, you know what I mean.

City: Well, maybe an esthetician would like to.

Kingston: I have no idea what that is.

City: They do eyebrows. They do nails.

Kingston: Yeah, I go to my Dominican guy. And he just cuts it up and does what he had to do. You know what I mean? That’s my mans. You know what I mean? What up, papi?

City: What up, papi, indeed. Hello to papi out there who’s watching.

Kingston: He knows what’s up. What up, baby.

City: Proud of the job he’s done.

The hard-hitting conversation also touches on Kingston watching wrestling as a youth to keep out of trouble, a fondness for William Shakespeare, choices of footwear, and being the Rodney Dangerfield of wrestling.

Eddie Kingston is quite the complex character. He’s ready for violence at the mere inkling of disrespect and also ready to be beautified at the barber shop.

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