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Dan Lambert’s car is destroyed

Sammy Guevara dropped the TNT championship to Scorpio Sky on the Mar. 9 episode of Dynamite. The real-life romance between Guevara and Tay Conti was heavily played up during the finish of the match, which saw Paige VanZant get involved to assist Sky and humiliate the babyface couple.

Guevara has yet to receive a rematch for the title. On tonight’s (Apr. 1) episode of Rampage, Dan Lambert cut a promo declining Guevara’s request for that rematch with Sky. Ethan Page and VanZant chipped in with some jokes about the sex photos Guevara and Conti took with the TNT championship.

Lambert’s decision to reject Sammy turned out to be a big mistake. Sammy and Tay suddenly appeared on the big screen, where they proceeded to destroy Lambert’s car with sledgehammers and spray paint:

I’m fully expecting to see new sex photos next week featuring Sammy, Tay, and Dan’s car wreck.

Are you digging this angle, Cagesiders?

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