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Samoa Joe crashes party after Jonathan Gresham unifies ROH world titles

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ROH Supercard of Honor ended with a bang. After an excellent main event between Jonathan Gresham and Bandido, Samoa Joe crashed the party.

Gresham and Bandido competed to unify the ROH World Championship. Gresham was originally supposed to challenge champion Bandido at Final Battle in December, but Bandido tested positive for COVID and was pulled from the bout. As a replacement attraction, ROH decided to have Gresham face mentor and friend Jay Lethal for the ROH world title. Gresham earned the win. Since Bandido was never stripped of his belt, there were two world champions in the ROH universe.

The Supercard main event saw Bandido’s athletic lucha libre against Gresham’s technical wrestling mastery. Highlights include octopus submissions from Gresham and a 1-minute stalling vertical suplex from Bandido. Gresham was dizzy and discombobulated from all the blood rushing to his head.

Ooh, Chavo! Chavo Guerrero was ringside to support Bandido. Earlier in the broadcast, Bandido asked Chavo not to cheat. Chavo didn’t listen. When Bandido connected on a superkick, Gresham fell over colliding with the referee. As Gresham went for a springboard attack, Chavo cracked him with the title belt while the ref was still down. Bandido was not happy. He didn’t want to win that way, so he demanded the referee to eject his manager. Adios, Chavo.

Back to the action. Bandido had momentum for a superkick, Fosbury Flop, and gutwrench lift to knee strike. The luchador managed to execute his awesome 21-plex finisher. 1, 2, Gresham kicked out. That false finish had me hook, line, and sinker.

Gresham dug deep to rally with a springboard moonsault and a suicide dive. He used the ropes to slingshot back into the ring for an arm drag then transition to a crucifix pin. 1, 2, 3. Gresham is the unified ROH world champ.

The show didn’t end there.

Gresham grabbed the mic to explain his mission to make ROH pure. Jay Lethal interrupted. He declared himself as the only person fitting to challenge Gresham in his next ROH title defense. Gresham was disappointed at Lethal cheating to win earlier in the evening. He viewed his friend as a changed man for the worse. Lethal pie-faced Gresham in response, and the two shoved each other.

Sonjay Dutt ran out to make peace. Dutt turned on Gresham for a cheap shot. Lethal and Dutt put the boots to the champ. Lee Moriarty came out for the save, but the numbers game and a Lethal Injection got him. Lethal held both ROH belts high in defiance.

Samoa Joe!

Joe’s music hit as he entered on stage. Joe choked out Dutt, and Lethal retreated to safety. Joe shook Gresham’s hand as a man of honor. Commentary mentioned that Joe will appear on AEW Dynamite to address his arrival.

How excited are you to see Samoa Joe again?

Check out the full results for ROH Supercard of Honor here.

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