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Wardlow nails his first big babyface promo

For months, maybe more than a year, fans have been anticipating Wardlow breaking away from his “employer” Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Most of us figured that would come in a spectacular, traditionally pro wrestling manner — with War Dog powerbombing the $#!+ out of MJF (and Shawn Spears).

That’s not how it’s played out... yet, anyway. On Sunday at Revolution, Wardlow helped CM Punk win his Dog Collar Match with Friedman when he failed to give Max his Dynamite Diamond Ring, then gave it to Punk instead.

Tonight (Mar. 9) on Dynamite, Mr. Mayhem got his first big promo segment to explain his actions. And in the process of explaining why he joined MJF in the first place and why he’s walking away from him now regardless of the consequences, Wardlow took a big step toward being AEW’s next big thing.

With the other thing he did on last weekend’s PPV — win the Face of the Revolution ladder match — Wardlow will challenge for the TNT title next Wednesday on the St. Patrick’s Day Slam edition of Dynamite. But he’s not stopping there...

Get complete results and coverage of everything that happened on tonight’s Dynamite‘s here.

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