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Eddie Kingston cuts passionate promo about Chris Jericho’s disrespect

Eddie Kingston and Chris Jericho opened the Revolution PPV with a rugged slugfest. Kingston defied the odds to finally win a big match in AEW. Jericho earned Kingston’s respect, but the same can’t be said the other way around. When Kingston came to collect on a post-match handshake due to Jericho’s previous insults, Le Champion rudely declined and left Kingston hanging.

Backstage, Kingston cut a passionate promo about Jericho’s disrespect. Kingston plans to collect on that handshake, even if it’s over Jericho’s dead body.

Kingston: It wasn’t about proving to Chris Jericho if I was a loser or a winner or whatever you want to call it. It was about proving it to myself. I can sit here and act all tough and hard and be like, “Yeah, I knew I was going to win.” No, I didn’t. I fought all my demons coming up to this match. I wanted to drink. I wanted not even to show up. But, I did. Cause I can’t be old me. I can’t, because I go to the FanFest and I have these people shaking my hand telling them I’m their inspiration. And I’m not ready for that, but God knows I got to keep fighting.

It’s scary, because I don’t know if I deserve it. I’ve done a lot of bad in my life. And every morning I wake up and I just try to do good. I try to do better than when I was the other day. I have a lot of sin and a lot of regret, and I’m trying to work it off. So, when I hear the people like that, man.

I’ll go back to the hotel. You want honesty? Here’s honesty. I’m going to go back to the hotel tonight, and I’m probably going to cry, because I don’t feel like I deserve it. Because I beat myself up and that’s just something I got to work on. Alright? But God knows I busted my ass, and I won tonight. I finally won tonight. And you tapped out, Chris. And my back hurts, and my eye hurts, Jess. All I want is Five Guys and ice cream.

The eye is not good. You know what I mean? Like, I was out for six weeks. I could only train for two, because it felt like the bone wanted to come out of my skull. So, no, I’m not 100%. You know, it’s what we do. You know what I mean? Like, just because we come to a big company doesn’t mean I’m going to change who I am. You know what I mean? Nothing changes but the number on the checks, dog. I’m going to keep fighting with one leg, one arm, one eye. It don’t matter. This all I ever wanted to do.

And now you going to sit there, Chris, after I show you respect. I don’t show nobody respect unless (mumble mumble). I can’t believe you did that. I really can’t. But, I tell you right now, Chris, you piece of shit. You gave me your word, and then you spit in my face, Chris, when you didn’t shake my hand? You just proved everything that I said to be true. You piece of shit, you low-life. Chris, you’re going to shake my hand, brother, whether you like it or not, even if I have to do it over your dead body. I’m going to get my handshake.

Kingston’s strength in promos shines through once again. Touching on topics of self-doubt and redemption are part of what makes him so relatable to his many fans. In addition, that’s how to sell the importance of a handshake. This feud was on the ornery side before. Now, it has boiled to levels of bad blood.

Did Kingston’s promo pump up for the continuation of his feud with Chris Jericho?

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