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AEW Revolution 2022 results: Only one man could get Danielson & Moxley to stop fighting

Bryan Danielson wants to team up with Jon Moxley to shape the future of AEW. Mox was still mulling it over, but first he wanted to bloody Danielson up at Revolution on Mar. 6.

Eveybody got their wish... including me!

Bryan and Moxley are examples of very different styles, but they’re evenly matched. Part of that is because even when The American Dragon laid in the kicks and locked on the holds he’s known for, Mox is too damn tough to care. He just kept coming, even after taking shots that might have broken ribs and being caught in moves that turned his face red. It brought out a more brutal side of Danielson.

That led to a both men turning a different kind of red, as head wounds left them each covered in blood. Moxley and Danielson both worked to soften each other up as they went for submissions — pinfalls wouldn’t cut it.

Which was just as well, because neither man would stay down for three. Moxley bounced right back up from a suplex into a Busaiku knee!

Even after Mox managed to get Danielson’s shoulders on the mat, they continued to brawl. Only when a man who’s been a mentor to both men showed up did the fighting stop.

William Regal not only showed up, he slapped both Mox and Daniel. That got the two men to settle down, and shake each other’s hand.

Can anyone stop a Regal-led Danielson/Moxley team & faction?

More importantly, how great a signing is this for Tony Khan? It’s hard to know where some of his free agent acquisitions will fit, but even if Regal only works backstage, he brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and respect to the organization.

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