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AEW Revolution 2022 results: Eddie Kingston wins the big one

Revolution’s main card kicked off with Eddie Kingston trying to win the big one. If he was going to pick up his first AEW PPV win, he was going to have to take down a legend — Le Champeon, Chris Jericho.

The Mad King didn’t waste any time trying to prove doubters (a group that included Jericho) wrong. He rushed the ring, and dropped his opponent on his head with a half-and-half suplex right at the bell.

Orlando was on Eddie’s side, which helped bring out the ruthless version of Jericho Kingston said he wanted. He flipped off the crowd several times, and pulled out all the stops. That included targeting Eddie’s eye, the one where the orbital bone was broken not long ago, and exposing a turnbuckle. It also meant jawing with referee Aubrey Edwards.

It wasn’t all Jericho. Kingston landed several big shots, many of them involving suplexing Jericho on his neck and shoulders. It looked like an All Japan match at times, including a Lionsault from the man who once wrestled there. Jericho nailed two Codebreakers and maybe could have ended there, but he wanted to hit Judas Effect. His decision to expose the turnbuckle cost him there, as Eddie dodged the move.

He then hit two spinning backfists of his own, then locked in a stretch plum.


Eddie couldn’t believe it, and neither could the Demo God. He’d said he would shake Kingston’s hand if he lost, but when it was offered, Chris walked away.

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