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Give us the Two Man Power Trip!

AEW’s Twitter

Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley

AEW is teasing something very good.

When Bryan Danielson walked out of the back after watching Jon Moxley win his first match back from confronting his alcoholism on Rampage (a show where yours truly was in attendance repping AEW’s finest), there was a likely outcome. This would set up a feud between the two men. But when they set up after was way more intriguing.

When Bryan eventually confronted Moxley, his proposal was waaay more interesting.

He suggested that instead of fighting, they team up. AEW is a land of alliances but Bryan and Moxley are roaming solo. Danielson claimed that if he had Mox’s back, Jon would still have the AEW title he lost in early 2020. The Dragon is tired of folks not taking wrestling seriously. He doesn’t think the company should have a Millennial Cowboy as world champ, or a man dressed up like a lizard as tag champ, or a guy focused on vlogging as TNT champ.

Bryan didn’t use the word, but this brought man back to the classic Two Man Power Trip. For those who may not be aware, the Two Many Power Trip was a WWE team of Triple H & Stone Cold Steve Austin holding all the titles because they were just too dominant to stop. In the AEW landscape, that could be Bryan and Moxley... if Jon is game.

But Jon Moxley is not a natural teammate. He’s a loner. The only man he’s consistently aligned with is Eddie Kingston, and that was after many months of the two trying to kill each other. So if he would even think of signing on to this, he and Bryan would need to do the same. They’d need to bleed together (and I assume afterwards, Moxley will drink it). This will happen tonight at Revolution.

Now this could be just to get the match that Moxley has been craving. He told the Dragon that he’s a bit of his white whale. Jon has never beaten Bryan, and that’s something that sticks in his craw. So he could just be stringing Bryan along just to get the chance.

So what does AEW’s booking team decide to do with this. Does this turn into a longer feud between the two men after Jon Moxley formally rejects Danielson? That’d surely be solid, hell probably more than solid. Both these men are extremely creative and would conjure up something must-see.

But if they go with the alliance? Man, that’d be a fantastic. Give me months of Bryan and Mox challenging for the tag titles, while Danielson guns for the TNT title and Moxley guns for the world title. Forget the Elite or Undisputed ERA. No one would be able to stop the brawler and the technician, the new Power Trip. This could be a big bad AEW could ride for a long time.

Whether they go that way or not, tonight’s match is going to kick ass. And no matter which way they go, there’s little chance this story ends tonight. There’s too much they could do going forward for this to be one and done. This is likely just the beginning.

I’m hoping for the Power Trip myself, but I have confidence that wherever this story goes, it’s gonna be good.

Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley will lock up tonight at AEW Revolution, which starts at 8 PM ET on pay-per-view and Bleacher Report Live. Keep it here to for all of your Revolution coverage.


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