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AEW Revolution 2022 results, live streaming match coverage

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All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling returns to pay-per-view TONIGHT (Sun., Mar. 6, 2021) with Full Gear. The show comes our way from Addition Financial Arena in Orlando.

A free pre-show, The Buy In, will stream live and free starting at 7:00pm Eastern / 4:00pm Pacific on All Elite’s YouTube channel (or you can watch it right here at Cageside Seats).

In the U.S. & Canada, the main card is available at on Bleacher Report and via cable & satellite providers for $49.99. Internationally, it’s $19.99 on You can play a free $25,000 pool at DraftKings Sportsbook.

To get you ready for tonight, there are detailed previews and predictions for each match in this stream right here.

Cageside Seats will provide LIVE match-by-match coverage of Revolution below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!



Like most babies smell like butter, his smell smelled like no other. He was born scentless and senseless, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

Kris Statlander vs. Leyla Hirsch

Hirsch charges in and Statlander knocks her down! Second charge gets a backbreaker, Kris goes for a handspring, Leyla kicks her arm out from under her and presses the attack! To the floor, trapping Stat’s arm and dropkicking the steps into it! Back inside, hanging Kris in the Tree of Woe, the assault continues and she punctuates it with a dropkick to the arm!

Hirsch goes for a springboard, Statlander counters to a slam and locks a bodyscissors on! Blue Thunder Driver follows, only two! Running knee in the corner sends Leyla to the apron, Kris joins her but Hirsch catches the kick and trips her up! Looking for Big Bang Theory on the apron, reversed, kick to the arm, Leyla hits a Frankensteiner off the apron!

Back inside, back suplex and then a German suplex but Stat kicks out! Pick the arm, cross armbar applied in the middle of the ring but Kris is fighting! Clasping her hands, shimmying towards the ropes... FOOT ON THE ROPES FOR THE BREAK! Jockeying for position in the corner, clubbing blows, electric chair, Statlander climbs up... AVALANCHE ELECTRIC CHAIR FACEBUSTER!

Michinoku Driver... HIRSCH KICKS OUT! Leyla rolls to the floor, cracks a turnbuckle across Statlander’s face while the ref isn’t looking and climbs up top...

Leyla Hirsch wins by pinfall with the diving moonsault.

Post-match, Red Velvet rushes down to check on her pal Kris Statlander.

A video package for CM Punk vs. MJF follows.

Don Callis makes his entrance (to Kenny Omega’s entrance, the troll) for an in-ring interview with Tony Schiavone.

Callis blames all of us for Kenny’s injuries and claims we sucked the blood out of him, and says he considered bringing Kenny with him but then he saw the card. He says he’s confident that Adam Cole is gonna win the title, and he’ll be a fantastic transitional champion until Omega returns and takes his rightful spot.

A video package for Moxley vs. Danielson follows.

QT Marshall cuts a promo during his entrance, saying if you want something done right, do it yourself.

Tonight, as much as he doesn’t want to do it, he’s gonna show HOOK what being cold-hearted is all about.

HOOK vs. QT Marshall

HOOK with a go-behind and a leg pick, tripping Marshall up. QT pointing a finger, HOOK grabs his hand, judo throw, bow-and-arrow attempt but Marshall makes the ropes! Body blows in the corner, a headbutt, QT cuts him off with a front kick but HOOK pulls him in for a short-arm exploder suplex and clotheslines him to the floor!

HOOK posing for the crowd, Marshall beckons him out to the floor but HOOK is smarter than that. QT goes in and piefaces him before running away and hiding in the ropes! Cheap shot, referee Bryce Remsburg admonishes Marshall and he throws HOOK to the floor! Going out after him, pump kick countered into a head-and-leg suplex!

Back inside, QT trips him up into the turnbuckles, putting boots to him in the corner, vertical suplex connects. Elbow drop follows, cover for one. Bridging northern lights from HOOK, only two, Marshall goes up top but HOOK hits the ropes and trips him up! Exploder suplex, waistlock, QT hangs into the ropes and blocks with a back elbow.

Marshall calling for the Diamond Cutter, duck a lariat, Vader Bomb misses and Redrum is locked in! It’s over!

HOOK wins by submission with Redrum.

A video package for our Adam vs. Adam AEW World Championship match follows.

Death Triangle (PAC & Penta Oscuro) & Erick Redbeard vs. House of Black (Brody King, Buddy Matthews, & Malakai Black)

PAC and Black to start, fast and furious and the Bastard lands a boot that sends Malakai into his corner for a tag to Matthews. Tag to Penta as well, circling, a Frankensteiner sends Buddy to the floor but he slides right back in to get into Oscuro’s face! Cero Miedo, superkick blocked, trading fast covers with no count, stalemate!

Tags made, Redbeard and King stalking each other and we get a hoss fight shoving match! Shoulder for shoulder, neither man will budge! Moving to forearms, the House of Black runs interference and clears the apron but the big men keep chopping each other down! Erick off the ropes, big man dropkick sends Brody to the floor!

Another dropkick keeps King there and then Redbeard takes Matthews and Black out with double lariats! Freight train crossbody to Brody! Tags made, Penta ends up isolated, soon enough a tag to PAC, he’s a flurry of strikes and goes up top but Malakai runs interference and the Bastard fends him off!

Slingshot in, Buddy counters with an underhook DDT! Quick tags, working PAC over at length, he eventually manages to tag Penta in! Lungblowers and Sling Blades, a flurry of violence, flip piledriver connects but no fall! Redbeard with a blind tag, Matthews stunned, big man slingshot senton atomico! Buddy slips out of a slam, blind tag from Malakai, lighting him up with kicks, Ace Crusher from Red Beard... KING AND MATTHEWS BREAK IT UP!

PAC tags in, Black hits a knee on Erick, the Bastard in with a springboard dropkick! Buddy hits a Meteora, Penta a superkick, Malakai a big knee but PAC comes at him with a schoolboy! Poison Frankensteiner connects, Brody with a lariat, Redbeard back to trade forearms with his fellow big man!

Back and forth, Erick gets the reverse roundhouse but King drops him with a Death Valley Driver! To the floor, Brody dives on him and the remaining four square up in the ring! Superkicks, German suplex sends Black to the apron and PAC hits a corkscrew tope to wipe Buddy out!

Oscuro looking for the Here It Is Driver, Malakai slips out and lands a knee, Penta with a kick, calling for it... FEAR FACTOR ON THE APRON! Buddy with the surfboard stomp... PAC BREAKS IT UP! Matthews and Black circling Redbeard, Buddy lands a kick, off the second and he dives right into a goozle but Malakai hits Black Mass!

Erick is staggered but not out, he goes for a chokeslam but Black spits the mist! Brody with an one shoulder piledriver...

House of Black win by pinfall with the black mist and a Fire Thunder Driver on Erick Redbeard.

Commentary runs down the card for the main show and we get a video package for Jericho vs. Kingston to close things out.

Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston right in with a half nelson suplex that dumps Jericho on his head! Referee Aubrey Edwards checks on him and Chris clatters to the floor! Eddie follows him to the floor, fishhook, back inside for a hangman’s neckbreaker, only one. Tenryu jabs and chops in the corner, back to the floor and Jericho smashes him into the barricade!

Trading chops for forearms, Y2J working the injured orbital bone with punches as we return to the ring. Flipping the bird, front kicks, Kingston hits the enzuigiri but Jericho pops right up! Trading chops, the straps are down, both men giving it every ounce of themselves before eddie backs him into the corner for the machine gun chops!

Eye poke into a DDT... NOPE! Chops in the corner, biting Chris, whip reversed and a northern lariat clobbers Kingston in the corner! Jericho with more lariats, an eyepoke of his own, setting Eddie up top for more right hands! Climbing to meet him, War King with more biting, jockeying for position, mounted punches... AVALANCHE FRANKENSTEINER!

Y2J tears a turnbuckle pad loose and draws Kingston to his feet but Eddie blocks and hits the exploder suplex! To the apron, Y2J blocks, overhead elbows and knees set up a straight suplex to the floor and both men are hurting! Back inside, Jericho ducks the Backfist to the Future and hits a German suplex!

Drawing him up, another German suplex, Y2J goes for a third but Kingston blocks and hammers him with elbows! Off the ropes, Jericho snaps off the third German suplex and dumps Eddie on his head! Lionsault connects, cover... EDDIE KINGSTON WON’T STAY DOWN! Chris with elbows, whip across and Kingston drops him with a lariat!

Pulling Y2J up, whip across, knee blocked, leg pick, looking for the Walls of Jericho and he gets the hold on! Eddie screaming agony, crawling desperate for the ropes... AND HE FORCES THE BREAK! Referee Aubrey Edwards admonishes Jericho and Kingston hits the Saito Suplex!

Drawing him up, another Saito, calling for it...BACKFIST TO THE FUTURE BUT JERICHO KICKS OUT! Kingston, struggling, trying to figure out how to end it, looking for a northern lights bomb but Chris hits the Codebreaker... AND EDDIE KICKS OUT! Mounted punches from Jericho, disdainful slaps, German suplex but Kingston pops up!

He charges in, another Codebreaker but Y2J doesn’t go for the pin! Jericho wants the Judas Effect, waiting for Eddie to get up, Kingston to his feet, he ducks the Judas Effect... BACKFIST TO THE FUTURE! ANOTHER ONE! THE STRETCH PLUM! THE STRETCH PLUM IS IN AND JERICHO HAS NOWHERE TO GO! IT’S OVER!

Eddie Kingston wins by submission with the Stretch Plum.

Post-match, Eddie offers a hand, invoking Jericho’s offer of respect. Chris puts his hand up for a moment but pulls it back and leaves.

Jurassic Express (“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry & Luchasaurus) (c) vs. reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) vs. Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Perry and O’Reilly to start, Kyle with a probing kick and then a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, drop down, big boot puts Jack in the ropes, leapfrog, monkey flip, arm drag, Fish runs interference and KOR cracks in a leg kick! Shoulder armbreaker follows, Jungle Boy returns a palm strike and an Arabian press lucha arm drag that gets reversed into a cross armbar!

Perry gets the ropes, tag to Bobby, stereo shoulder armbreakers into stereo kicks, the Bucks tag in but Jack is able to evade and hit the arm drag this time! Dropkick follows, Luchasaurus tags in and goes to town but the Elite lads bail to the floor, so the dino man goes for a dive, but they move.

Perry dives on them instead, back in, Fish legal, low bridge Luchasaurus, tag to Matt, tag to Nick, going after Jungle Boy, double whip, he jumps but gets his legs taken out and the hanging senton takes him out! Back inside, KOR breaks up a tag from Matt, who reluctantly tags out to keep the peace.

Demolition Decapitation, Nick breaks it up and Kyle says he forgot about their agreement. That gives the champs a chance to recover and start bringing it again, but Fish pulls Luchasaurus off the apron and blocks the tag! Matt and Kyle get into a shoving match over a broken pin and Jungle Boy goes for a schoolboy that they stop their bickering to break up!

KOR blasts Matt to the floor with a boot, Jack kicks him away and tags Luchasaurus in! Dino man running hot with lariats, the Bucks start chopping him down but he back body drops them both out of the ring in turn! Catching Nick with a goozle, he fights out and counters with a flip piledriver!

Luchasaurus recovers and chokeslams all of the heels! Standing moonsault on legal Matt... NOPE! Electric chair, springboard Doomsday Device... JACKSON KICKS OUT! Kyle tags in and goes forearm for forearm with Matt Jackson! Fish and Nick go at it, Luchasaurus returns to the ring and gets run off! Perry in with a superkick, triple lariat leaves him and both legal men down!

reDRagon hit the butterfly DDT / wheelbarrow German combination... NOPE! Jungle Boy up top, Fish cuts him off and climbs to join him... EXPLODER SUPERPLEX! KOR with a diving knee and then a heel hook! Fish with a diving headbutt, Kyle reapplies and readjusts but Matt hits an elbow drop!

Nick in with a running knee, 540 roundhouse to Luchasaurus, Penalty Kick off the apron to KOR! Luchasaurus with a chokeslam, Kyle with a knee and then a guillotine choke! Jack off the top... SHOOTING STAR PRESS BREAKS IT UP! 450 SPLASH FROM NICK JACKSON BREAKS *THAT* UP!

O’Reilly with a belt shot... NOPE! Total Elimination follows... LUCHASAURUS BREAKS IT UP! Bucks running double teams, superkick piledriver on Jungle Boy, picking him up, BTE Trigger connects... KOR BREAKS IT UP! Luchasaurus back in, tope con giro, Jungle Boy with an O’Connor roll, Matt overrotates for a nearfall!

Flipping back suplex into a Liger Bomb, Nick is too late...

Jurassic Express win by pinfall with a Liger Bomb from “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry on Matt Jackson to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

A Double or Nothing hype reel follows.

Christian Cage vs. Keith Lee vs. Orange Cassidy vs. “Absolute” Ricky Starks vs. Wardlow vs. “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs (Face of the Revolution Ladder Match)

Team Taz go after Lee while Wardlow works Cage over and Cassidy waits at ringside. The big boys end up alone and square up until Orange slides in and throws the slow motion kicks at all three of them! Ducking under, Keith with front chanceries, Orange climbs up on him to reach for the ring but Starks cuts him off and throws him to the floor!

Christian with ladder shots, sliding it in the ring. Starks cuts him off and sets it up, Orange meets him with a dropkcik and shrugs before climbing the ladder with his hands in his pockets! Christian comes in, looking for the Killswitch, Cassidy shoves him off, back body drop sends him crashing to the floor!

One for Starks too, Cage sets the ladder up but Hobbs picks his leg and steps over him on his way to climbing the ladder! Christian climbs behind him and over him... INVERTED DDT OFF THE LADDER! Lee returns and puts Cage’s face into the ladder, goozles on him and Starks, shoving them off, leapfrog, drop down, freight train crossbody on both guys!

Orange goes for a diving Frankensteiner, Keith catches him and swings in him into everybody else to take them out! Lee sets a ladder up and climbs it but Wardlow cuts him off and calls him down! Keith climbs down and meets him face to face, Hobbs cuts them off and he and Starks have a good-natured race to the top of the ladder until Orange knocks both of them down!

Spinning the ladder around helicopter style, taking everybody out, Wardlow and Lee lift him up but he skins the cat and nearly grabs the ring but slips and gets crotched! Hobbs checks the ladder into Lee’s chest and rams it into him again right after! Leaning the ladder over him, climbing it, suplex lift to Orange... SUPERPLEX OFF THE LADDER!

Cage spears Hobbs into a ladder, Starks clears the ring and climbs but Wardlow tips the ladder over with him on it and knocks him to the mat! Mr. Mayhem climbs, Ricky takes his back, Orange joins him, Hobbs climbs the other side but Wardlow manages to climb with both men on his back!

Lee sets up another ladder right next door and climbs, Starks is up the other side, Orange and Christian climb up the outside of either ladder! Cassidy and Cage knocked down first, Keith and Ricky knocked down next, Will and Wardlow put hands on the ring at the same time and take a step down to punch each other silly and everybody’s down and out!

The three big boys square up again, Orange on the mat between them and Lee biels him out of the ring like a sack of potatoes, crashing through Starks and Cage on the ramp! Wardlow clears Hobbs and Lee out of the ring and he goes to the floor to put boots to them instead of climbing the ladder!

Hobbs and Wardlow brawl with Keith up the stage, whereupon they RIP A LADDER IN HALF AND EACH TAKE HALF AS A WEAPON! Out towards commentary, Hobbs grabs Lee but Keith fires up... AND WARDLOW BLASTS THEM BOTH INTO THE PIT! Back in the ring, Starks has recovered and starts climbing as Mr. Mayhem returns.

Reaching for the brass ring... DANHAUSEN IS HERE TO CURSE HIM AND HE FALLS DOWN! Cage climbs, Wardlow powerbombs him, Starks climbing agan but Wardlow hops up and punches before getting under him... POWERBOMB OFF THE LADDER AND THROUGH A LADDER! Mr. Mayhem reaches...

Wardlow wins by retrieving the brass ring to become #1 contender to the AEW TNT Championship.

Tony Schiavone is on the stage with a microphone and a clipboard to have a contract signing.

He says a year ago they signed a great competitor in Christian Cage, and now they’re signing a young man in his formative career. He called many of his matches a few years ago and he’s proud to bring you the realest, Shane “Swerve” Strickland!

Shane signs the contract and Tony officially welcomes him to AEW. Strickland says the real is back and he could go on and on about the dream matches he’s gonna have here and the championships he’s eventually gonna take, but all he really has to say is a question to ask of us.

Whose house? Swerve’s house!

Jade Cargill (c) vs. Tay Conti (AEW TBS Championship)

Cargill starting off with a kiss, Conti shoves her away, pump kick blocked, duck a roundhouse, electric chair as a setup for Jaded but Tay rolls through into a cross armbar. Pump kick connects and Jade jaws at her challenger, posing and mocking her “karate shit”.

Conti pops up, a couple judo throws, pump kick in the corner, another one, a third, Cargill is staggered, tornado DDT connects but referee Aubrey Edwards waves the pin off because her feet are under the ropes! Another try, still a nearfall, Jade rolls to the floor ad Tay dives off the top to take “Smart” Mark Sterling out!

Cargill with a pump kick to take Anna Jay out, back inside, hammerlock DDT blocked, Jaded blocked, O’Connor roll reversed and Jay cracks her with a chair but it’s not enough to keep Jade Cargill down! DDTay connects this time... STILL NO! Basement superkick, looking for TayKO but Jade reverses, Eye of the Storm... NOPE!

Jade with a diving splash for a tight two, action to the floor, Tay lays her out and throws her back inside. Piledriver connects... CARGILL KICKS OUT! Jade plucks her out of the turnbuckle, chickenwings...

Jade Cargill wins by pinfall with Jaded to retain the AEW TBS Championship.

CM Punk vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman (Dog Collar Match)

The chain just barely stretches across the ring corner-to-corner and Punk pulls MJF in inch by inch, only for Max to whip the chain at him and try to leave. That backfires, CM hanging him over the middle rope and yanking him in! Trying to whip Friedman with it, choking him with it.

Back inside, putting him into the corner, wrapping the chain around the post and using it to put MJF into the turnbuckles! Stomping his hand, climbing up in the turnbuckles for mounted punches, wrapping the chain around his fist but Max slips under and traps him for a Cheeky Nando’s before following it up with a Tenryu Powerbomb!

Whipping Punk with the chain, he recovers and puts MJF into the corner, rising knee, bulldog blocked with a handful of chain and a yank! Max opens the forehead wound back up and grinds the chain against it! Friedman rolls to the floor and demands a microphone, bringing it back in with him.

Putting boots to Punk, asking him to do a favor and tell the people he doesn’t care about them and that he wants to quit just like he quit on him. CM tells him to eat shit and Max punches him with the mic a few times! Up to the second, MJF tells us we don’t get it and Punk yanks him to the mat with a handful of chain!

Pick the legs, headbutt to the gentleman’s area, whip across and a chain-assisted punch to the breadbasket! Side Russian legsweep, up to the second, double axehandle connects! Bulldog follows, Punk’s face a crimson mask as referee Paul Turner checks on him. CM whips Max with the chain, and wraps it around his right hand before dropping repeated knees on the chain to try and break his hand!

Calling for the Go to Sleep, fireman’s carry but MJF rakes the round to block! Chain-assisted sleeper hold, just like in Chicago, Punk fading and falling to his knees as Max wrenches the hold in! Falling back, Turner does the hand test, falling once, falling twice... CM PUNK’S LIGHT WILL NOT GO OUT JUST YET!

To his knees and to his feet, reaching for the leverage of the ropes, stepping up the turnbuckles to reverse ala Bret Hart but Friedman kicks out and lets go of the hold! Max goes for a piledriver but the injured hand stops him! CM with a fireman’s carry, Go to Sleep blocked, Salt of the Earth is locked on!

Punk reaching, fighting, but MJF can’t get full extension with a busted hand and CM reverses into the Anaconda Vise! A handful of hair lets Max reverse into a pin and force the break! Punk to the apron, MJF wants the Heatseeker but CM reverses! Shining Wizard with the chain and Max falls to the floor!

Busting MJF’s face open, mounted punches on the floor, whipping him into the steel steps! Punk wraps the chain around his knee, Friedman sidesteps and he hits the knee right into the steel steps, screaming agony on the mat! Desperately whipping MJF with the chain, chain-assisted punches, pulling himself to his feet and managing to throw him back inside.

CM hobbling, fireman’s carry attempt but his knee gives out! To the apron, Max with the chop block, wrangling the chain, Tombstone attempt, Punk reverses... TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVERO N THE APRON! CM falls to the floor, his knee hurting, slowly recovering, back inside and up top, diving elbow... MJF ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!

Cover for two, Max goes and gets a black bag... TACKS ARE IN PLAY! Friedman with the corner knee, bulldog headlock but Punk bites the injured hand to block! Kick to the knee to stem the tide, punches over the tacks, CM wobbling, kick to the gut, suplex attempt but his knee gives out!

MJF with a suplex lift, Punk reverses, Max throwing elbows, CM hits the flash roundhouse kick and tacks go flying off his boot! Punk up top, underhooks, Friedman crotches him to block! SUPERPLEX INTO THE THUMBTACKS! Cover can’t keep CM Punk down, the chain comes off of Max’s collar and he screams for Wardlow!

Referee Paul Turner reattaches the chain as Mr. Mayhem saunters down. He reaches in his blazer and in his pants pocket but he doesn’t have the ring! Punk recovers... GO TO SLEEP AND GO INTO THE TACKS! CM stares Wardlow down, and oh suddenly he can find the ring!

He sets the ring in the... er... ring and leaves! Punk grabs the ring and puts it on, pulling MJF up by the chain, grabbing him by the collar, flipping him the bird and Max spits in his face! BIG RIGHT HAND WITH THE RING! IT’S OVER!

CM Punk wins by pinfall with a loaded punch.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD (c) vs. Thunder Rosa (AEW Women’s World Championship)

Collar and elbow, struggling around the ring, Rosa with a side headlock, Baker reverses with a headscissors and double underhooks. Butterfly suplex gets a one-count, drawing Thunder up, whip to the corner, charging forearm, piefacing her and Britt is admonished by referee Paul Turner.

Hammerlock, Rosa reverses to a Fujiwara armbar, doesn’t have all of it so she turns to a wristlock, short-arm shoulder thrust, Baker reverses, trying for Lockjaw but Thunder blocks and they trade pins! Rosa with a backbreaker, Britt chokes her with a boot and Jamie Hayter runs interference!

The champ draws her up, forearm strike into a cravate, Rosa snaps off an enzuigiri but eats a reverse STO into the turnbuckles! Britt pressing the attack with the help of her entourage, Paradise Lock over the bottom rope for the duration of Turner’s count!

Trading forearms in the ropes, arm drag reversed into a hammerlock and the champion smashes her face into the mat! Thunder with back elbows and a German suplex, lariats follows, drop toehold, off the ropes, dropkick to the back, another dropkick, northern lights suplex into the bridge... ONLY TWO!

Corner knees, Senton de la Muerte countered into an Air Raid Crash in the middle of the ring! Jockeying for position, clubbing blows, Baker with a nearfall off a suplex, a butterfly suplex gets another two, up in the turnbuckles, jockeying for position and Rosa hits a superplex!

Float over, fireman’s carry swung out into a neckbreaker over the knee, sliding lariat, only two! Fisherman neckbreaker, butterfly Falcon Arrow... NOPE! On their knees and trading forearms, Britt catches her into Lockjaw but Thunder reverses and they trade pins! Readjusting, arm-trap crossface applied, Rosa rolls through and hits a back suplex for two!

Up in the turnbuckles, Baker hits an avalanche Air Raid Crash... NOT ENOUGH! Thunder rolls through, Tombstone reversed, reversed into a victory roll but Britt kicks out! Rosa hits the Tombstone piledriver this time but referee Paul Turner is busy admonishing Rebel on the apron!

Baker with a folding press for two, Thunder with a side press for two, basement superkick from the champ! Hayter throws the belt in, Britt hits the stomp... BUT ROSA WON’T STAY DOWN! Rings of Saturn applied, Thunder scooting to the ropes, Britt kicks her off and Rosa applies a Lockjaw of her own but Baker bites her hand!

Baker reverses to a pin, Rosa with a cutthroat choke and Britt taps out but again Turner is distracted by Rebel on the apron, so this time Thunder hits a suicide spear through the ropes! A lariat for Hayter, Rosa slides back in and Britt is ready...

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD wins by pinfall with the stomp to retain the AEW Women’s World Championship.

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley

Test of strength to the tune of a “We want violence!” chant, Danielson with a front chancery, Moxley takes him down but Bryan rolls to the ropes and forces the break. Back to the chancery, Jon pushes through the ropes and they crash to the floor together! Dragon back in first, leaning in the ropes to demand referee Bryce Remsburg keep Mox away from him.

Jon cracks a slap across Danielson’s jaw, test of strength, going forehead-to-forehead, Bryan with a slap, snapmare into a kick to the back! Bryan does some jumping jacks and bails to the apron, Moxley offers his jaw and Dragon fires one off! Forearms in return, snapmare into a kick to the back of the head but Bryan pos up and shrugs it off!

Going forearm for forearm, body blows, uppercuts, backflip up and over, big back elbow wipes Danielson out! Chest kicks, just thudding into Bryan’s sternum, but he catches on and hits a dragon screw! Chest kicks of his own, big falling knees to the ribs, stepping on him, reminding Remsburg that he has until five.

Elbows, chest kicks in the corner, chops, Moxley fires up and hammers him with chops of his own until Bryan hits a rolling solebutt! Kneeling choke, half-halch suplex, up top for the diving headbutt but Jon rolls away! Whip reversed, knee lift, running corner dropkicks!

German suplex, another one, back suplex, Danielson lands on his feet and hits a roundhouse kick before grabbing a guillotine choke! Moxley out, mounted punches in the corner, Dragon slips down and starts throwing kicks again! Mox wants more, big palm strikes, Danielson tears at his face, off the ropes, back body drop to the floor!

Off the ropes, Bryan back in, he goes for the dive but Moxley catches him and they brawl on the floor! Both men down and out and bleeding and they return to the ring together! Cravate knees from Mox, Danielson returns some of his own, Jon with headbutts, underhooks, Paradigm Shift blocked, rolling elbow!

Moxley off the ropes with a big lariat and both men are down! Putting Dragon up in the corner, big chops, back rack, Danielson gets under him... THE BACK SUPERPLEX IS YOUR FIVE MINUTE WARNING AND MOXLEY KICKS OUT! MMA elbows into a Dragon sleeper with bodyscissors!

Jon gets a foot on the ropes! After the break, a sleeper hold of his own, Danielson reaching for the ropes before reversing, back to a Dragon sleeper but Mox slips right out, arms slick with blood! MMA elbows of his own, sleeper hold, shifting gears, cross armbar!

Dragon reverses, LeBell Lock applied, crossface strikes, Moxley crawls and gets the ropes! Wrists clutched, they kick at each other over and over, Jon rolls over, the head stomps, into the Saka Otoshi choke! Bridging up as Danielson flags and fades, struggling, reversing to a pin but Mox won’t let go!

Regalplex breaks free, Moxley runs into a knee, Bryan hits the Busaiku knee... JON MOXLEY WILL NOT STAY DOWN! Wrists clutched, kicking Jon’s head in, applying the triangle choke in the middle of the ring and flexing, Danielson adds some elbows to the wound, Mox grabs at his beard to try and force a break!

Bryan readjusts his legs, tightening his grip, Moxley rolls and reverses...

Jon Moxley wins by pinfall, reversing a triangle choke into a bridging pin!

Post-match, Danielson shoves Bryce Remsburg, Bryce shoves him back and they jaw at each other until Bryan and Jon start fighting again!


He holds Moxley back and slaps him across the face! HE SLAPS DANIELSON TOO! AFTER SOME MORE WORDS DRAGON AND MOX SHAKE HANDS!

Tony Schiavone hypes up some matches for this week’s Dynamite, including Sammy Guevara defending the TNT Championship against Scorpio Sky and Leyla Hirsch vs. Thunder Rosa in a #1 contender’s match for the AEW Women’s World Championship.

AHFO (Andrade el Idolo, Isiah Kassidy, & Matt Hardy) vs. Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, & Sting (Tornado Trios Match)

Chaos from the word jump, Allin with a dive, Sting clawing at Jose’s eyes, they put a trash can on his head and Allin dives into him! Andrade with a chairshot, Sting brawling with Hardy and Kassidy, Darby throws him the chair and he wails on ‘em with it! Allin back in, backsplashes corner to corner!

Guevara with a double-jump Ace Crusher to take Isiah out, Andrade returns to dump him to the floor, lying in wait, he dropkicks Sting right in the trash can! Brillante Driver puts Darby into the turnbuckles! Tree of Woe double stomp for Darby, pump kick for Sammy, Twist of Fate, cover... STING BREAKS IT UP!

The old men brawling on the floor, Marq Quen gets involved and throws a chair at Guevara to knock him to the floor, setting him up but Sammy throws him into the crowd and Kassidy has to follow to the floor... SILLY STRING OFF THE BARRICADE! Hardy and Andrade beating on Sting and Darby in the crowd, whip reversed and Matt takes the inner barricade hard!

Butcher and the Blade get involved and take Sting out, Private Party have Sammy on a table but he rolls off and climbs up to join Kassidy on the set! Fireman’s carry, Isiah fights out, overhead elbows, jockeying for position... GUEVARA HITS THE SPANISH FLY OFF THE SET AND THROUGH TABLES ON THE STAGE!

Butcher and the Blade setting tables up elsewhere, stacking them up. Sting goes after them, but Matt clobbers him with the top of a trash can and he takes Sting up the stairs and deep into the crowd! Up over the tables that his pals set up, Darby and Andrade are fighting on them!

Hardy wants the Side Effect but Sting fights out, the Icon perches... AND DIVES OFF THE BALCONY AND PUTS ANDRADE THROUGH THE STACK OF TABLES! Hardy taking Allin back towards ringside and then into the ring, setting a chair up and horsecollaring him with it, Twist of Fate blocked... INVERTED DDT THROUGH THE STEEL CHAIR!

Allin up top...

Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, & Sting win by pinfall with a Coffin Drop from Allin on Matt Hardy.

Adam Cole vs. “Hangman” Adam Page (c) (AEW World Championship)

Collar and elbow, Page pushes him into the ropes and breaks clean. Cole with a waistlock, champion reverses to a wristlock, reversed, reversed again and Hangman grabs a hammerlock. Reversed, into the corner, Cole throws vicious elbows and gets one in return that drops him!

Chops in the corner, whip across, corner lariat into a short-arm lariat and the champ is rolling! Action to the floor, dropkick, throwing Cole into the barricades, Following it up with a running boot, Cole ducks a lariat and Page’s arm goes into the post! Throwing him into the steps after, challenger running hot and breaking the count.

Into the steps again, drawing the champion up and throwing him back inside, putting boots to him in the corner. Drawing Page up, neckbreaker connects, Cole wrenches his arm over the ropes and yells at referee Bryce Remsburg for admonishing him. Challenger with a spin-out powerbomb, only two!

Hangman with a boot, fireman’s carry reversed into a lungblower... NOPE! Cole jawing at him, Page answers with forearms, fakeout kick, the challenger goes up top but dives into a boot when he goes for Panama Sunrise! Off the ropes, duck a lariat, champion with a fallaway slam and a kip-up but Cole goes to the apron!

Triangle lariat knocks him to the floor, he dodges a plancha but Hangman catches him with a powerbomb into the apron! Orihara moonsault connects as a followup! Cole lands an enzuigiri, back inside, another lungblower, off the ropes, Page hits the Liger Bomb for a deep two!

Up top, jockeying for position, Page with a moonsault... COLE CUTS HIM OUT OF MIDAIR WITH A SUPERKICK! Looking to follow it up, Hangman cuts him off with Deadeye! Blocking Cole from taking the knee pad down, trading palm strikes, Cole with a series of kicks and Page hits a rolling elbow!

Off the ropes, Cole catches a lariat and turns it into an arm-trap crossface! To the apron to break, trading elbows, Cole with an arm wringer! Back in, fireman’s carry, Ushigoroshi blocked, Tombstone piledriver... NOT ENOUGH! Both men down and out, trading punches on their knees and Hangman gets to his feet with a vicious headbutt!

Cole with a pump kick, rolling elbow gets an enzuigiri, German suplex from the champion and he’s fired up but the challenger hits a brainbuster over the knee! Up top and jockeying for position... MOONSAULT FALLAWAY SLAM OFF THE TOP BUT ADAM COLE KICKS OUT! Page on the apron, reDRagon come to ringside and Cole is able to blast the champion to the floor with a superkick!

Panama Sunrise on the floor! Back inside, cover... HANGMAN PAGE KICKS OUT! Panama Sunrise blocked, Deadeye blocked, elbows connect, superkick and reDRagon run interference, allowing Cole to hit a low blow! Panama Sunrise connects, off the ropes, the Boom... HE CANNOT KEEP HANGMAN PAGE DOWN!

Basement superkick, another one, the kneepad goes down, off the ropes... HANGMAN WITH A LARIAT! To the apron, pulling himself up for it... COLE COUNTERS WITH A SUPERKICK! Off the ropes, another superkick and a third, running for the knee but Page collapses flat to avoid the knee!

reDRagon go and move the timekeeper’s table for Cole, setting it up next to the apron, but Page recovers... DEADEYE THROUGH THE TABLE! Dark Order come to ringside and brawl reDRagon to the back! Page throws Cole back inside, up on the apron... BUCKSHOT CONNECTS BUT ADAM COLE GETS A HAND ON THE ROPES!

Hangman takes his belt off, the one that holds his pants up, and ties Cole to the top rope by his wrist! Superkicks connect over Bryce’s objections! Three, off the ropes... COLE HITS A SUPERKICK OF HIS OWN AND MANAGES TO TAKE THE BELT OFF! Another superkick from Hangman, he takes the kneepad down, off the ropes... BOOM!

Back to the apron, Cole flopping like a fish out of water... BUCKSHOT! IT’S OVER!

“Hangman” Adam Page wins by pinfall with Buckshot to retain the AEW World Championship.

Post-match, Page checks on Cole and then poses with the title.

That’s the show, folks.

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