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‘Because I’m CM Punk, and I’m better than you!’

CM Punk and MJF are set for a bloody battle in a Dog Collar match at AEW’s Revolution pay-per-view, coming up this Sunday (Mar. 6) in Orlando, Florida.

This is the best feud in pro wrestling today.

After MJF recently poured his heart out about dealing with bullying and anti-semitism, Punk let his guard down and was left in a pool of his own blood on Dynamite. The scene was a direct callback to Punk’s 2005 angle in ROH.

Tonight’s episode of Rampage was the go-home show for Revolution, so it was time for Punk to sell us on the match with one final promo. And he delivered as only CM Punk can:

Punk is going to become a monster to beat the monster, and he’ll leave parts of MJF all over Orlando.

MJF, you aren’t ready for this fight. Because he’s CM Punk, and he’s better than you.

I’m sold. Are you, Cagesiders?

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