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Hikaru Shida is back, and she’s pissed off!

Two months ago, Serena Deeb brutally attacked former AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida and put her on the shelf. Since then, Deeb has spent her time allowing rookies the privilege of sharing the ring with her and seeing if they can last five minutes. None of the women have been able to hang with The Professor, of course.

Deeb’s latest five minute challenge on tonight’s Rampage was more of the same, except Deeb wanted to cause more damage after her she already picked up the win. She sadistically applied the Serenity Lock on Leila Grey after their match was over.

And that’s when a pissed off Hikaru Shida made her surprise return to AEW television. She had her kendo stick in hand and put a whooping on Serena with it:

Shida was eventually separated from Deeb by security, but she looked right into the camera and said “I’m back!”

I think Serena Deeb is in trouble, you guys.

What did you think of Shida’s return, Cagesiders?

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