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Chris Jericho’s recent body transformation came after ‘a little health scare’

Chris Jericho was written off AEW television in late November for an overseas tour with his band Fozzy. While in the United Kingdom, we learned Jericho was hospitalized with “a non Covid related, treatable health issue.”

After his return in January, lots of fans started to notice the 51 year old wrestling legend looked to be much trimmer, and generally in better shape, than he had been prior to his hiatus. It got the point where this comparison has been trending on social media...

And had Le Champion himself shooting down the kind of conspiracy theories he usually “just asks questions about” on his podcast:

Well, we still don’t know much about what exactly inspired Jericho to get himself into the best shape we’ve seen him in since last decade, or how he transformed his body over the past three months*. But his boss Tony Khan commented on it while discussing Jericho’s match with Eddie Kingston at Revolution this weekend on this week’s AEW Unrestricted podcast:

“And I just think Chris has come back – we talked about Jon Moxley coming back looking better than ever. Jericho looks better than he ever has in AEW. Better than he did when we started. Better than he did when he was a World champion...

“He had a little health scare and came back, and he came back looking better than ever. I think he was out for a little bit, getting healthy. I think for Chris, like this is not only the best he’s ever looked but when we’ve seen him in the ring, he looked very sharp. I think it took him a few minutes to get his footing back against Santana & Ortiz, but you could see this is to me physically, probably the best Chris has looked.”

It’s canon now.

Whatever happened, we’re glad Chris is okay. And however he got fit, we tip our cap to the Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla. He’s looking damn good for a quinquagenarian.

* My money on DDPY, a program Jericho’s used in the past, and that I can personally vouch for (unfortunately, like Mick Foley, I can also attest to how quickly you can lose your gains if you slack off and stop doing Dallas Page’s version of yoga).

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