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Aftermath of a big Andrade win sets up next week’s Hardys tables match

The Mar. 30 episode of Dynamite closed with the long-awaited Darby Allin vs. Andrade singles showdown. El Ídolo had the little boy who works for Sting scouted at the start...

... and it took a long while for the match to even start as the two men battled on the floor and in the stands before the bell could be rung. Once things were officially underway, each man landed big shots and countered moves and got nearfalls...

What made the difference in the end was outside involvement. Sting took out Jose the Assistant before he could get involved, but when Butcher & Blade came out for a three-on-one beatdown of The Icon, Darby had to save his friend & mentor.

That left him prone for a buckle bomb and Andrade’s El Idolo finisher.

That was the end of the match, but not the end of the show. Private Party came out to assist the Andrade Family Office, which brought the Hardys out to help Sting & Allin. Next week, Matt & Jeff will take on Butcher & Blade in a tables match. Tonight, Jeff sent the South Carolina crowd home happy with a Swanton Bomb on Marq Quen.

Big win for Andrade, and a reminder for all of us that Brother Nero will probably do something wild on next week’s show.

AEW also announced there will be Owen Hart Tournament qualifiers on the April 6 edition of Dynamite.

Get complete results and coverage of everything that happened on tonight’s Dynamite here.

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