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CM Punk is going after the AEW World title

When CM Punk returned to wrestling with AEW last summer, many thought he should immediately enter the World title picture. The veteran and the company took a different route, telling a longer story about whether the veteran still had it after seven years away from the ring. But after winning his brutal, personal feud with MJF, it seems all have decided Punk’s ready.

He signaled for the belt on last week’s show, and he did the same on Dynamite tonight (Mar. 30) when talking to Tony Schiavone. But first, he was roasted pretty well by Max Caster, with this line being the coup de grace:

“Homie you need to keep back, I’ll have you crapping your pants like I’m a z-pak.”


Caster got in a fair amount of offense during this sub-10 minute match, but after taking a piledriver, The Acclaimed MC tapped out to the Anaconda Vice.

That’s when Punk told Schiavone that he plans to stay in AEW until there’s more gray in his beard, more scars on his head, and a World title around his waist. And he doesn’t care who he has to beat to get that belt.

Ready for World champion CM Punk?

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