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Toni Storm is All Elite, and on to the Owen

We were promised an addition to the AEW women’s division on Dynamite tonight (Mar. 30). The Bunny’s opponent for an Owen Hart Tournament qualifier was billed as a surprise signing, and even if a lot of fans guessed that Toni Storm would be making her debut tonight, I don’t think they’re going to complain now that she’s All Elite.

Even less surprising, Toni Storm was victorious in her first outing on AEW television. Sorry, Bunny. She gave the former NXT UK Women’s champ a fight as the match stretched across a commercial break, and got a couple of nearfalls.

But Toni countered Bunny’s finisher into her own Storm Zero. She’ll now compete to win the first annual Owen Cup in May.

Hyped for more Toni Time in AEW?

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