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Captain Insano may be coming to AEW

AEW’s Twitter

During a recent interview with The Rob Brown Show, Paul Wight dropped some exciting news for anyone who was a kid in the late 1990s and enjoyed Adam Sandler movies.

Captain Insano may be coming to AEW:

“Tony Khan and I have some pretty fun stuff coming up in the future that him and I have put together. We’ve actually secured the rights to Captain Insano. So, we are gonna break out… Captain Insano will be coming out in the next couple months. So that’s why I’ve kind of toned down a little on the in-ring performing as well. We’re kind of let that settling (sic) just doing the commentary. I’m getting a wardrobe put together now for the outfits.”

Not long after, he explained what this is about for him:

“For me, it’s just a chance to have fun and really apply a different character. The Captain Insano character is just going to have a lot more energy, a lot more enthusiasm from A to Z. Definitely when Captain Insano hits the scene the party is going to be lit, to steal a term from the younger generation. I’m looking to have a lot of fun.”

He’s also almost certainly going to steal Hulk Hogan’s cadence for promos too, he says, and he hopes that’s okay. Hey, it’s the character.

Even if The Hulkster isn’t cool with it, all you have to remember is one thing.

Captain Insano shows no mercy.

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