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Danhausen is unable to curse HOOK

Tonight’s (Mar. 25) episode of AEW Rampage featured QT Marshall presenting HOOK with the inaugural “QT Marshall Certificate of Accomplishment.”

QT said he was giving this prestigious award to HOOK for beating him at the Revolution pay-per-view earlier this month. The student surpassed the master, so HOOK earned this reward. Aaron Solo was in the ring with Marshall as HOOK was called out to the ring. Solo shot a confetti gun to set the proper tone for the occasion.

This had to be a trap, right?

It turns out that HOOK can’t be bothered with this pointless nonsense, so QT never really got a chance to pull one over on him. HOOK quickly rammed Solo’s head right through the glass and left the ring.

As he made his leave, Danhausen confronted HOOK and tried to put a curse on him. It didn’t faze HOOK one bit:

Danhausen couldn’t believe that HOOK resisted his curse. The guy is clearly way too powerful:

And just like that, the legend of HOOK continues to grow.

Did you enjoy HOOK and Danhausen’s sports entertainment tonight, Cagesiders?

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