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Tony Khan says a women’s wrestling star will debut in AEW soon

He teased more information about his new signee on the Mar. 25 Rampage.

Impact’s YouTube

There’s some renewed focus on Tony Khan’s booking of the AEW’s women’s division, and every time a male star like Keith Lee, Swerve Strickland, or Jeff Hardy debuts, fans online ask about the status of female free agents like Mia Yim, Toni Storm, Athena, or Nixon Newell.

TK’s attempting to reframe the narrative a bit with a tease for the future. All Elite’s owner, president, and head of creative told John Rocha of Strong Style that he’s signed a big name for the women’s division, and he’s hinting we’ll learn more about this person on Rampage tonight (Mar. 25):

“I’m not going to say who, but yes [there are women’s wrestlers I have my eye on bringing in]. Without naming any specific names or spoiling anything, I will tell you yes. And as for when and where, I suggest you watch Rampage tonight and get more info.”

Rocha jokingly asked if the person’s name rhymed with “Schmoni Schmorm”, to which Khan shurgged and replied:

“I can’t say as far as rhymes or spellings or anything else, I can’t tell you that, but what I can tell you is I’ll have more info on when & where you might see a new women’s wrestling star debut in AEW, I’ll give you more info on that tonight on Rampage.”

Start placing your bets, and see find out what we learn with your fellow Cagesiders in our Rampage results post tonight.

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