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Powerhouse Hobbs confirms CM Punk is, in fact, that dude

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All Elite Wrestling

It’s largely faded into the background in the half-year or so since his return, but CM Punk’s love of pro wrestling and locker room role used to be a big talking point on the wrestle web.

Since his AEW debut at “The First Dance” last August, we’ve seen his passion for the business reignite before our very eyes, so there’s not much need to debate that any longer. But we’ve only heard rumors about what he’s like backstage, and Punk’s been content to largely leave us wondering there — or even lead us to believe he’s still the “sociopathic jerk” his Twitter bio used to brag he was.

If he is trying to maintain that image, Powerhouse Hobbs blew up his spot. In an interview with Josh Martinez on Superstar Crossover that made the rounds earlier this week, Hobbs revealed Punk breaks down tape with him after all the Team Taz big man’s matches:

“Punk is one of those dudes that, after every match that I have that airs, he always sits down and watches it with me. So we sit down together and we break down stuff. So he may get mad, but I told the whole world Punk — you’re that dude.”

Hobbs also told a touching story about the match he and Punk had at Grand Slam shortly after the Best in the World came back to the business (and repeatedly mentioned Powerhouse as someone he was looking forward to working with):

“But that match in Arthur Ashe in New York City in front of 20,000 plus people, it was crazy and that whole night had a special meaning to me. Punk knew that because it was about a month since my mom had passed away. So it’s just emotions and everything was everywhere, you know?

“Before the — I think right before the match got announced, or the day the match got announced, he pulled me aside, you know, and said, ‘This is going to be for her. Don’t worry about anything else, nobody else. It’s just you, me, and her’. And for that, I will forever be grateful for.”

Doesn’t sound much like a sociopathic jerk, huh? I guess Punk’s not that dude any more. The dude he is now sounds pretty cool.

Check out Powerhouse Hobbs’ entire chat with Josh Martinez here.

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