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Wardlow has been removed from the AEW roster

On last night’s (Mar. 23) episode of Dynamite, MJF finally responded to Wardlow’s betrayal at Revolution. MJF said Wardlow signed a deal with the devil nearly three years ago, and there’s no way he’s letting him out of that contract early. Instead, MJF will now pay Wardlow to stay home so that everyone forgets he ever existed.

I’d say that MJF’s plan to make Wardlow disappear is off to a pretty good start, because Wardlow has been removed from the roster page of AEW’s web site.

MJF got a big laugh out of the whole thing:

We know at some point Wardlow will return to AEW television and powerbomb the crap out of Shawn Spears (and any new members of The Pinnacle) before getting his hands on MJF. But AEW has a very large roster and has been taking their time with this story, so maybe Wardlow’s absence can be stretched out for a while.

How do you think Wardlow will escape the terms of MJF’s contract, Cagesiders?

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