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MJF revealed his plan to continue screwing Wardlow

Wardlow helped ensure CM Punk beat Maxwell Jacob Friedman in a Dog Collar match at Revolution, then announced he was done working with MJF and the Pinnacle. Friedman returned to make sure Wardlow didn’t win the TNT championship from Scorpio Sky on last week’s Dynamite. Tonight (Mar. 23), Max laid out the rest of his plan to get revenge.

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten Friedman in full, nothing’s sacred, heat-seeking mode, so (at least for me) it took a while to acclimate myself. By the time he promised to piss on Punk’s grave someday, I though I was braced.

But then when the crowd was chanting “Jesus” — presumably for the super-fan known as All Elite Jesus who hails from the Austin, Texas area Dynamite emanated from this week — MJF responded by saying he’d strap Wardlow to a cross just like the biblical Jesus.

We’ll see how that plays in the online opinion cycle. The main storyline purpose of Friedman’s promo was to explain that he’s not firing Wardlow, or letting him out of his contract. Instead, he’ll pay him to stay home until everyone forgets about him. And if he tries to come to work anyway, he’ll sick security on him for trespassing, just like he did tonight.

Really, really, really gonna enjoy it when Wardlow powerbombs the snot out of that guy.

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