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The Regal/Bryan/Mox team just revealed their name

After Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley beat Best Friends’ Chuck Taylor & Wheeler Yuta last week on Dynamite, Yuta tried to join Mox & the Dragon in William Regal’s crew.

After they beat Varsity Blondes this week (Mar. 23), neither Griff Garrison or Brian Pillman Jr. wanted to sign up (Julia Hart did sit on the ring steps well after the match, though). But Moxley got on the microphone to talk about how he’d earned Lord Regal’s respect through blood, sweat, and dislocated digits. He wears that respect like a badge of honor.

Then Mox had a message for anyone like Yuta who might want to stand beside them, and he may have revealed the group’s name: The Blackpool Combat Club.

Blackpool being the town in England the old villain Regal hails from. Combat Club being a just a badass sounding way to say group. And as my man Marcus Benjamin said in the Cageside office, make a football-style “Blackpool CC” warm-up jacket and I’ll buy one immediately.

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