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Jericho’s new group to bring in ‘the era of the sports entertainer’

The Jericho Appreciation Society was very clear a heel group from the start. It’s frontman unveiled it by swerving Eddie Kingston and Santana & Ortiz into a beatdown.

But if you watched San Antonio sing-a-long to “Judas” this week, you may have wondered if it would take. Turns out Jericho had a plan to ensure it would stick. The ex-WWE Superstar proudly declared himself to be a “sports entertainer”. And he got J.A.S. member and indie darling Daniel Garcia to proclaim himself a “sports entertainer” too.

It wasn’t our only WWE wink of the J.A.S.’s commencement, either. While introducing the other new members of the group by their real names (because in the Society, they don’t use stupid names from bad creative... and never mind that Jericho’s last name is Irvine), Chris said he got a call from his friend Kevin...

Ready for the Era of Sports Entertainment with Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia, “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard & “Cool Hand Ang” Angelo Parker?

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