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Tony Khan: ‘I am going to try to satisfy a lot of fans tonight’

The AEW chief is still hyping the big Dynamite free agent, and saying he recently changed things to make tonight’ show even bigger.

Since last week, the man in charge of AEW has been building anticipation for a HUGE announcement. With only a few hours until we learn what/who that is, Tony Khan is working harder than ever to get the wrestling world fired up for Dynamite tonight (Feb. 9).

Multiple interviews with TK have hit this afternoon. Each contains more hype for a show TBS’ commercials tell us “could change everything”...

... does Khan’s last minute push contain any new clues about what we might see tonight from Atlantic City? You decide.

After confirming the free agent walking through the Forbidden Door isn’t Tommy Dreamer, TK said this on Sirius XM’s Busted Open:

“I am going to try to satisfy a lot of fans tonight. I had a lot of thoughts over the weekend on what that means. I pivoted some plans in the last few days in a good way to make tonight’s show even better.”

While speaking to PWInsider, he also indicated we’ll get more than just Isiah Kassidy’s debuting opponent from Dynamite:

“...There’s also going to be some other really exciting things on the show that have not been announced yet.”

But he wouldn’t say whether that other stuff would be additional signees”

“I don’t want to get too specific to say exactly what’s going to happen, but it’s going to be a great night for the fans. I promise there’s definitely one surprise, and I think there’ll be some other really fun stuff along the way too.”

Khan also told TV Insider (no relation) that he’s aware he might be overselling tonight and risking disappointing people, but still sounds confident about the reaction tonight will get:

“I try to listen to the fans and pay attention to audience feedback. I think it helps because it gives me some idea of what the fans in a larger sense want to see. Different fans have different ideas about the different wrestlers they like. You can gauge the excitement around a certain wrestler or match or moment. I believe people will get very excited about the debut of this new signing is. This is somebody wrestling fans really respond to.”

Not many people know about the HUGE announcement. But even if it gets out, TK says he’s got more tricks up his sleeve:

“Only a handful of people. Very few. I think it’s best kept that way until Wednesday night to let that anticipation continue to build. We have more surprises and fun moments along the way. It’s going to be a lot of great things Wednesday on Dynamite.”

Is it 8pm yet?

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