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Jade Cargill has been training with Bryan Danielson

All Elite Wrestling

Critics say Jade Cargill is too green to be carrying AEW’s secondary women’s title, and working an undefeated streak gimmick for the company. Supporters point out that “That Bitch” (her words, not mine) draws ratings, and works a pretty darn good match despite just entering the business a couple years ago.

Here’s something everyone can agree on... Cargill training with Bryan Danielson is a good, very cool thing.

Jade mentioned it when she appeared on Fightful’s Grapsody podcast last week, while discussing the AEW team helping her get better behind-the-scenes:

“QT Marshall at the Nightmare Factory, he is a tremendous help. He helps me with my timing, he helps me with — because there’s a lot of dead points in between spots, obviously and that comes with reps, and being that I’ve been literally baptized by fire, he’s the one who actually sits there and talks me through things and watches my matches. I literally take something from every one of my matches. I didn’t work on the independent circuit. I didn’t go to a school for about 2-3 years to be groomed before I was on TV. When I say I was baptized by fire, I literally was. So, he’s one of my trainers that helps me to stay calm and collected in the ring...

“Another person that helps me out is Dustin Rhodes. He is a tremendous trainer too. Obviously, these people come from years of experience and lately, I’ve been working with Bryan Danielson, so, I’m 10 months in and I’m working with a legend. I am forever floored, I am humbled, I am grateful to work for these people that come with so much recognition and have contributed so much to the community of wrestling. So, I’m thankful, I’m ready, I have the best coaches out there. I’m 10 months in, so the sky’s the limit, baby.”

Tony Khan also pointed this out in his chat with SI this week. The AEW head honcho took time out from explaining the Forbidden Door to discuss the angle with Danielson & Jon Moxley that started last week, which led him to tout Bryan’s other contributions to the company:

“Off-screen, Bryan is such a valuable resource. I recently asked him and Jade Cargill, who is already starting an amazing run as our TBS champion, to work together. I think Bryan is the world’s greatest pro wrestler, and he has such valuable insight. Jade is incredibly driven, and Bryan’s been a great mentor to her so far.”

No matter what percentage of the credit you give Dragon, QT, Dustin, or Cargill’s natural acumen, drive & talent, you’re seeing the results on screen. The Jade who partnered with Shaquille O’Neal less than a year ago wouldn’t have been able to deliver the nearly 10 minute banger she & Anna Jay gave us in the main event of Jan. 21 Rampage.

Where will she be this time next year? It’s exciting to think about — for us and her trainers, a group that just so happens to include one of the best to ever do it.

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