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Tony Khan continues to hype ‘huge signing’, and stoke Forbidden Door debate

Not sure if you’ve heard, but AEW has a surprise coming our way on Dynamite tomorrow night (Feb. 9). In the process of announcing that, Tony Khan confused pretty much everyone about what the term Forbidden Door actually means.

In a new interview with SI, the company’s owner/president/booker continued to hype the new addition to the roster we’re going to learn about Wednesday... and lean into the discussion of what does or does not constitute use of the Forbidden Door.

“It’s a huge signing for us. I have created some debate about what it means to open the ‘Forbidden Door,’ and that’s what we are going to do on this show. The fans are going to get a great night of wrestling, and I hope everyone is surprised—and comes back for the matches this sets up.

“I’m continually looking to improve the roster and bring in new stars and create fresh matchups, and that’s what you’re going to see this Wednesday. We now have such a strong roster of wrestlers under contract that we can put fresh, exciting matches on Dynamite every Wednesday on TBS and Rampage [every Friday] on TNT.

“It’s going to be a big reveal on Dynamite. It sets up this week’s Rampage and puts a lot of irons in our fire. We have created an environment in AEW where people routinely expect great wrestling matches, and we have the wrestlers to live up to those high expectations.”

So the signing is “huge”, will count as an opening of the Forbidden Door, and set something up for this week’s Rampage — which tapes after tomorrow’s live Dynamite broadcast in Atlantic City, and already has HOOK vs. someone going by “Blake Li” booked for the card.

Not sure that gives us any clues or makes anything clearer, but... let the speculation continue.

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