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As Keith Lee/AEW rumors swirl, Tony Khan promises to announce ‘big signings’ soon

As we noted on Wednesday, a whole crop of former WWE talent became free agents this week. That’s led to the usual speculation that some of those wrestlers could show up in AEW any minute now.

It’s speculation both the wrestling media and Tony Khan are feeding.

The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that AEW has discussed signing at least one of the people WWE cut on Nov. 4, 2021 — Keith Lee. Dave Meltzer writes, “we’re told that he [Lee]’s been talked about for here [AEW], if not has already agreed to a deal here.”

Is the Limitless One one of the folks Tony Khan was talking about while teasing “big signings” on Busted Open Radio today (Feb. 4)?

“Mercedes Martinez — she’s one of our most recent free agent signings, and it’s a huge signing for us. Just in the last several weeks, we’ve made some big ones and I plan to make some more big signings. And not in the long-term future, I mean in the short-term future. I’ll still be active in the free agent market, and the forbidden door shall be opening again very soon. So I’m really looking forward to Rampage tonight, and I guarantee you we’ll make some news out of this night’s show, and then we’ll have some big news next week, too...

“I have to say, I really, really love listening to the wrestling fans. I love wrestling myself, and I’m a fan. I believe that the fans give us the direction, and it’s up to us to give great shows that the people want to see. I don’t want it to be handed down on high. For me, anytime we can sign somebody that’s gonna to make the fans excited and come in here and give the fans big matches that they are excited to watch, that’s gonna come in here and give the fans big matches that they’re excited to watch, and somebody who can bring new fans to AEW, it’s a great opportunity for us. So I will continue to explore the free agent market, and the forbidden door will be opening again soon.”

Will we hear about Lee tonight, or next Wednesday on Dynamite? Is the Forbidden Door going to open back to it’s the place it originally referred to, New Japan? Jon Moxley is working with NJPW again soon, and calling out big names in the process.

Stay tuned...

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