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Even MJF’s mom thinks he might be a decent human being now

MJF’s tearful promo on last night’s (Feb. 23) Dynamite is a hot topic in the pro wrestling discourse today, with many folks praising it as an all-time great performance.

The promo served as a something of a villain origin story for MJF. His life was hell when he was in school struggling with learning disabilities, where he was subjected to constant bullying and anti-semitism. His love of pro wrestling helped him get through all the adversity, especially when he finally got to meet CM Punk in 2007 at an autograph signing after a particularly rough day. MJF promised himself that he was gonna be just like CM Punk and he was gonna become the Best in the World.

But his dreams were crushed and he was personally devastated when CM Punk gave up and quit pro wrestling in 2014. Punk left him when he needed him the most, so MJF later vowed to become the best in the world in spite of Punk. MJF wasn’t going to be a gutless coward like Punk and leave others being bullied stranded with no hope for the future.

It’s a promo that expertly blurred the lines of reality and kayfabe, and MJF followed up on that front with a simple tweet afterwards:

Is MJF telling the truth? Is he a lying scumbag?

Well, there’s at least one person who thinks he might actually be a decent human being now. MJF’s mom, who has a well-documented history of brazenly declaring that her son is an asshole with no redeeming qualities, is proud of him for pouring his heart out:

Where do you think this angle is going, Cagesiders?

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