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Kingston & Jericho set-up Revolution match with Cody erasure, WWE references & personal shots

The Feb. 23 Dynamite promised us a conversation between Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston, and it definitely delivered.

At first, it seemed like this might be a relatively light-hearted segment filled with references to the sports entertainment company headquartered down the road in Stamford (AEW is in Bridgeport, Connecticut tonight).

We even got a taste of how former EVP Cody Rhodes might be handled going forward, when Jericho referred to Eddie’s debut in All Elite as a match with “what’s his name”.

But then Le Champeon got serious. He tread some of the same ground Bryan Danielson & CM Punk did in their feuds with Kingston, but got even more personal by saying that Eddie’s fear of success was rooted in his uncle & father being failures.

The Mad King kept him temper under control, but channeled it into telling Jericho he didn’t want the guy who had a Mimosa Match with Orange Cassidy. He wanted the one that worked Genichiro Tenryu in WAR. The one Chris’ friend “Levesque” hated.

It was a great segment. Now on Mar. 6 we’ll see if Eddie can prove Jericho wrong and win the big one.

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