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MJF delivers tearful promo about being bullied

And neither CM Punk or the audience knew whether to believe him.

When Maxwell Jacob Friedman came to the ring on the Feb. 23 episode of Dynamite, everyone expected his usual heel invective. Just last week, CM Punk had run down MJF as a cheater he would end at Revolution in a Dog Collar Match.

Instead, we saw a side of Friedman we’d never seen before. He shared how, on the day of the famous picture of him at 13 with his hero Punk, he’d been bullied at school for being “a five foot nothing, ADHD-riddled Jewboy.” The meeting Punk said meant nothing to him meant everything to Max.

So when the Best in the World walked away from wrestling, MJF felt let down. He promises to never do that to anyone else.

The tearful promo from Friedman confused the fans expecting a swerve, and it confused Punk even more. He walked to the ring to ask MJF if the story was real, but he was unsure of whether to believe it when Max told him it was true.

How will this affect their road to Revoltion?

Get complete results and coverage of everything that happened on tonight’s Dynamite‘s here.

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