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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (Feb. 23, 2022): Tag Team Battle Royal

All Elite Wrestling

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing tonight at 8 pm ET on TBS.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what led up to, and what we’re looking forward to on, tonight’s show.

This week’s show comes our way from Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, Connecticut. One of Jurassic Express’ challengers at Mar. 6’s Revolution PPV will be decided a Tag Battle Royal featuring all of AEW’s top teams. House of Black may reveal a new member when they again battle Penta El Zero M & PAC. Jade Cargill defends the TBS title against The Bunny. Eddie Kingston & Chris Jericho have a face-to-face conversation. Bryan Danielson takes on Daniel Garcia! Ricky Starks and 10 fight for a spot in the Face of the Revolution ladder match! And more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TBS. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Doing fine but don’t waste my time, tell me what it is you want to say. You sin, you win, just let me in— hurry, I’ve got to liveblog this here pro wrestling show.

The show opens with the intro video.

2.0 (Jeff Parker & Matt Lee) vs. Ass Boys (Austin & Colten Gunn) vs. Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) vs. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta) vs. Butcher and the Blade (Andy “Butcher” Williams & Pepper “Blade” Parks) vs. FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) vs. Proud-N-Powerful (Ortiz & Santana) vs. reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) vs. Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) (AEW World Tag Team Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal)

Chaotic brawling to start like all battle royals, Blade eliminates Reynolds and Silver eliminates him in turn! Ortiz dumps Austin Gunn and then Colten follows to eliminate Ass Boys! Butcher takes both Bucks out, Best Friends take Williams out after a hug!

Private Party get eliminated despite Matt Hardy personally saving Isiah Kassidy! Teams eliminated left and right as the crush finally starts to clear and the Bucks and FTR square up but reDRagon attacks the Pinnacle boys from behind! Bucks shifting to work Best Friends, and then FTR manages to dump Nick Jackson!

Santana blasts Matt from behind and goes to work on him as reDRagon hit the DDT/wheelbarrow suplex combo on Trent! Orange Cassidy gives his pal Beretta a piggyback ride and saves him from elimination! O’Reilly goes for a guillotine, Trent reverses with a suplex, big lariat in the corner sets up a tornado DDT!

Trent eliminates Fish and stops Dax short of eliminating him as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Wheeler gets eliminated by John Silver! No complete teams left in the match, Silver is joined by Trent, Harwood, O’Reilly, Santana, and Matt Jackson! They all pair off and move to try and make some eliminations, and Beretta and Santana end up squared up and trading forearms in the middle of the ring!

Discus lariat takes Trent off his feet, a boot sends him to the apron, Beretta suplexes Santana over with him, they jockey for position and both end up eliminated after hitting stereo boots, Jackson and KOR blasting them off the apron! Matt tries to take the Raw Dog out while Kyle kicks away at Dax!

Silver hanging on for dear life with a headscissors, O’Reilly gets Harwood over to the apron and grabs an armbar from the apron! Trading kicks, Fish returns and knocks Harwood off the apron and eliminates FTR! Jackson asks Kyle to help him take care of Silver and O’Reilly is game but the Meat Man suplexes both of them!

Running hots with lariats, big back body drop and he’s fired up! Basement dropkick sets up a pump kick, he gets Matt up for a spin-out powerbomb! Scoop lift for Kyle, Jackson breaks it up with a superkick and they hit Chasing the Dragon! KOR favoring his shoulder, Matt eliminates Silver but Kyle is right on him...

reDRagon win, last eliminating Matt Jackson to become #1 contenders to the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

Post-match, the Bucks confront reDRagon and tempers flare.

Enter “Hangman” Adam Page.

He hits the ring and beats up ALL of Adam Cole’s friends! Cole slides in after but Page blocks a kick and drops him with a pair of huge right hands to set up mounted punches! To the apron, he goes for Buckshot but reDRagon pull their pal out of the fire! John Silver hits a cannonball off the apron to take Fish and O’Reilly out!

He throws Kyle in... BUCKSHOT!

Hangman sets up a chair and asks who’s ready for story time.

He takes a seat with the world title belt and says our story begins in 2008 with Adam Cole’s entry into the world of pro wrestling. He won world titles everywhere he went, but as he could see the writing on the wall and feel his world crumble around him, he clambered back to his old friends and came for the AEW World Championship.

But what he didn’t see is that he was drawing closer and closer to a six foot hole in the ground, and when he walked into Revolution thinking he’d leave as a world champion again, he stepped too close to his grave, the better Adam laid him in it, and the world listened to the sound of his body hitting the dirt from a freshly cocked Buckshot, and that sound was... “boom.”

Tony Schiavone interviews “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson backstage.

He says he’s been really impressed by Daniel Garcia, and he reminds him of a younger version of himself. He’s technically impressive and vicious on the mat, but the difference is that he doesn’t have a great mentor like he had in William Regal, he’s with those goons in 2.0, and he’s going to show him the difference tonight.

Last week Jon Moxley said they have to bleed together before they fight together, and he’s gonna address that after his match tonight.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Maxwell Jacob Friedman makes his entrance.

His eyes are bloodshot and he looks generally kind of morose as he asks for his music to be cut on his way to the ring.

He says he gets it, he used to love CM Punk too and he knows we want to boo him and he’s not the most likeable person in the world but he just wants an opportunity here. Punk showed us a photograph last week and said it was just another Friday, but for him it wasn’t.

He knows it’s easy to think he was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth but the fact of the matter is at one point in his life the only reason he got out of bed every day was professional wrestling, and just like us he loves pro wrestling and AEW. And yes, that day meant everything to him.

He goes back to 2007, he’s eleven years old with a litany of learning disabilities, severe ADD, and every day in school was hell, but the one thing he was good at was football. He got started as a middle linebacker and that meant everything because for once he thought he fit in.

The next day he’s walking in the hallway and his teammates walk up to him and he’s excited because for once he thinks he’s gonna make friends but they look angry and they’re holding rolls of quarters. They all threw the quarters at him as hard as they physically could and said “pick it up, Jew boy, pick it up!”

He went home and cried and cried and stopped because he realized today was Friday and that meant he got to meet his hero, CM Punk, at an autograph signing. That day meant everything and when he went back home he promised himself that he was gonna be just like CM Punk and he was gonna become the Best in the World.

A couple years later he wants to train to be a wrestler, studying tape until his eyes bleed and practicing promos until his voice is hoarse, all because he wants to be just like CM Punk.

January 2014, Punk leaves him and leaves all of us, and that’s when he realized if the Best in the World can’t do it, what chance does some five foot nothing Jew boy have. So he went to school and buried his dreams until he happens to come across a photo of CM Punk shaking hands with Bryan Danielson.

CM Punk, the guy who left him when he needed him most, he was livid and he promised himself he was going to be the best in the world in SPITE of CM Punk. He promised that whatever outcast kid was being bullied and only had him on his TV screen, he wouldn’t leave like that gutless coward CM Punk.

You can choke him with the chain, make him bleed buckets, but he won’t quit, because he’s better than that, and he’s better than you, and you know it.

Enter CM Punk.

He climbs up on the apron and stares MJF down before climbing through the ropes to confront him directly. He asks if what he said was true and Max says it was, tears streaming down his face. MJF turns and leaves and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Daniel Garcia and 2.0 are interviewed.

Jeff Parker says they walked through these doors together and now Bryan Danielson wants to swoop in and mentor Garcia? Matt Lee says if he wants a taste, he’s getting a taste, and Garcia says he doesn’t need a lesson in violence and tonight he’ll teach Bryan the lesson.

Death Triangle (PAC & Penta Oscuro) vs. Kings of the Black Throne (Brody King & Malakai Black)

All out brawling, Oscuro sends Black to the floor with a superkick and then dives on both he and King! Back inside, we get a bell, PAC off the top with a 450 splash but Malakai kicks out! Keeping Black isolated briefly but he’s able to tag out and Brody destroys PAC with a lariat as we go to break!

Back from commercial, King stacks both members of Death Triangle up for kind of a standing Doomsday Device! Off the ropes, suicide dive with a blind tag, Black pops up top and hits Meteora on PAC! A roundhouse kick and a bridging German suplex follow but Penta Oscuro breaks it up!

Malakai runs him off and tags King in. Off the ropes, the Bastard breaks free, Kings of the Black Throne with a malfunction at the junction and the match breaks down! Penta off the top with a crossbody and all four men are down and out! Black gets to his feet to break the standing ten count, PAC breaks up Dante’s Inferno!

King clubbing away at them but he runs into a pump kick that staggers him but he stays on his feet! Off the ropes, he runs into a second but stays on his feet again and Black blind tags as Death Triangle work him over! Oscuro sets Brody up for the Fear Factor but Malakai breaks it up!

Going for the mist, Penta covers Black’s mouth and grabs him...

Death Triangle win by pinfall with a victory roll pin from Penta Oscuro on Malakai Black.

Post-match, Black chokes on his own mist while Brody King beats Penta and PAC down! Malakai goes and gets a shovel, washing the mist out of his mouth with bottled water! Brody slams Oscuro and Black slides in and puts the point of the shovel at Penta’s throat... THE LIGHTS GO OUT!


They lay a chair in front of Penta and Buddy hesitates, but Black talks to him... SURFBOARD STOMP PUTS PENTA FACE-FIRST INTO THE STEEL CHAIR!

The lights go out again and the House of Black’s music plays.

We get a video package for Dr. Britt Baker, DMD vs. Thunder Rosa and go to break.

Back from commercial, Eddie Kingston makes his entrance.

Chris Jericho follows after and Kingston makes fun of him for milking his entrance theme. Eddie asks what the deal with the security is and Jericho says he wanted to talk like men and not fight like common street thugs, and security will stop that. Kingston asks if he’s saying he’s a street thug, Chris says he is, and Eddie laughs and laughs and says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Eddie says he doesn’t know why they’re doing this because he’s not a sports entertainer and he wants to fight right now, and he calls on Tony Khan to send Kris Statlander and Willow Nightingale down so we can have some real wrestling on this wrestling program.

Jericho says they’re just down the road from Stamford so he’ll give him some sports entertainment and tell him a story. Everybody in the locker room was so excited to see Eddie Kingston was coming but he had never heard of him and thought maybe they were talking about Eddie “Edward” Edwards, and then he saw him and he realized it was because he looks like a jobber.

But then he saw his match against whats-his-name and the promo after and he knew Kingston had what it takes to get to the top and the people would love him and he was right. And then he realized Eddie was jealous because he didn’t make the bigtime until he was 38, and Jericho had already headlined pay-per-views and made millions of dollars by that age.

Eddie asks if he wants a cookie for all of that, because he doesn’t care, and the only reason he’s done all this stuff is, let’s be honest, he wasn’t there. He’s a different kind of cat, and he doesn’t leech off people like Jericho does, and he’s not like those carnies, and he does things his way and he’ll be himself until he dies.

Kingston says he doesn’t want to talk to him because he’s sucking the blood out of him and his heart don’t pump Kool-Aid. Jericho says he’s read all the stories and he knows his family’s history and his first hero was his uncle, who was a failure. Eddie steps up to him, and Y2J continues, telling King that his father was a failure, and deep down he thinks he’s a failure too.

He says Eddie can’t win the big one, and in this company, he’s the big one. Not Moxley, not Danielson, not Punk, not Hangman Page, Chris Jericho. But if he does manage to beat him, he swears to god he’ll look him in the eye, shake his hand, and tell him he’s got his ultimate respect because he’ll have gotten over his fear of success that’s holding him back.

Eddie gives him a warning— he doesn’t want the Mimosa Jericho, the Jericho that got pushed off a cage, he wants the Chris Jericho that was the first AEW World Champion, that bled buckets in Tennessee, that got respect from one of his heroes, Genichiro Tenryu, in WAR, that turned WCW upside down, that his close friend Levesque hated, because if he doesn’t, he’s gonna eat him alive.

Jericho tells him he’s got it, but he’s not gonna be able to win.

We get an AHFO promo.

Matt Hardy says Andrade el Idolo is gonna win the TNT Championship on Friday and asks if he’s gonna tag Isiah Kassidy in to get the win, and Andrade fires back that he doesn’t need anybody’s help. Matt tells him he’s just joking and sets up a tornado trios match, Andrade, Matt Hardy, and Isiah Kassidy vs. Sting, Darby Allin, and Sammy Guevara.

Preston “10” Vance vs. Ricky Starks (Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifying Match)

Circling, collar and elbow, Starks with a go-behind to a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, drop down, leapfrog and Ricky lands a couple axehandles. Vance backs him into the corner with chops and mounted punches, Starks slips out but 10 blocks a kick and presses the attack. delayed vertical suplex and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Vance in control, knocking Starks to the floor! Out after him, Ricky slides back in first but gets caught! Full nelson applied, Preston swinging him around, shoving him off, discus lariat connects! Back to the full nelson, shaking him around, Ricky tears at the mask and blinds him, off the ropes...

Ricky Starks wins by pinfall with a spear to qualify for the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match.

reDRagon are backstage celebrating their victory with Adam Cole when the Young Bucks roll up.

They all bicker and reDRagon say they’ll have another chance, and Matt admits that he’s right and they’re gonna win and kick reDRagon’s ass. Cole begs them to get along.

Jade Cargill (c) vs. the Bunny (AEW TBS Championship)

Cargill in control early, wrenching a wristlock in, elevating it, and slamming Bunny to the ground before dropping the leg on the arm! Briefly into a short armscissors, hammerlock, Bunny knocks her to the apron and ducks a haymaker to snap her neck over the top rope!

Running elbow to the floor, Russian legsweep into the barricade and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Bunny rakes the eyes, off the ropes with a knee lift, charging in but Cargill hosses her up and hits the spinebuster! Matt Hardy runs interference and tosses the Bunny some knucks! “Smart” Mark Sterling slides Jade the title belt, Cargill blocks the knucks with the belt and both managers are ejected!

Bunny with a schoolboy for two, superkicks, inverted headlock, Jade reverses to chickenwings...

Jade Cargill wins by pinfall with Jaded to retain the AEW TBS Championship.

Post-match, Jade gets on the mic and crows about her winning record, asking who’s next, or better yet, who’s left?

Enter Tay Conti.

She says she’s not just next, she’s the one who’s gonna beat her ass, bitch! Conti runs in the ring and gets in Jade’s face and they jaw at each other. Cargill kisses her on the forehead and a brawl breaks out! The Bunny runs in and attacks Tay but eats the TayKO!

Jade hits a pump kick and reclaims her title belt.

Keith Lee is interviewed backstage.

He lists off the other entrants in the ladder match and Starks and Hobbs roll up to tell him that Team Taz runs things around here and no matter where you come from, you start over here. Hobbs steps up to Lee and Ricky gets between them and says they’re gonna save it for Revolution.

Commentary hypes up some upcoming matches and we go to break.

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. “Red Death” Daniel Garcia

Circling, test of strength, Danielson backs him into the ropes and breaks dirty with a forearm into an uppercut! Garcia turns him around for uppercuts of his own and they go to town! Bryan demands he show him, leg pick blocked, slashing Dragon’s chest with a chop that breaks a smile out on his face!

More chops, but Danielson goes low and deathlocks the legs to rain forearms down on him! Danielson Special connects, looking for the LeBell Lock and Daniel is caught but he’s close enough to the ropes to force the break! Back and forth, Red Death lays him out with a chop block and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Garcia is in control with a dragon screw! To the apron, Danielson hits a butterfly suplex to the floor and follows it with the apron diving knee! Back inside, missile dropkick, Bryan is fired up, pick the leg, vicious hamstring kicks into a half-crab!

Falling back into a heel hook, Red Death tries to break free and then grabs a heel hook of his own! Trading kicks, Dragon rains forearms down and breaks the hold! Chickenwings, Tiger Suplex... NOPE! Bridging over... CATTLE MUTILATION! GARCIA HAS NOWHERE TO GO BUT HE MANAGES TO POP HIS HIPS AND ROLL OUT OF IT!

Ankle lock applied on the American Dragon, he posts up, Garcia rains stomps on the back of his head but Bryan reverses and hits a hard elbow to the back of the neck! Test of strength pin, no dice... BOTH MEN TRADING FOREARMS WITHOUT LETTING GO OF THE TEST OF STRENGTH! Big palm strike, rolling elbow blocked, dragon screw denied and Bryan kicks his head in!

Triangle applied...

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson wins by submission with a triangle choke.

Post-match he demands his music be cut and tells Garcia that that was exactly what he wanted to see, and he asks the crowd if Dan was violent enough. 2.0 attack from behind and beat Danielson down!


Mox sends 2.0 packing, Danielson stops Garcia from attacking Moxley with a chair and Red Death eats the Paradigm Shift!

Danielson and Moxley face each other in the ring and Dragon gets on the mic. He says if they need to bleed together, he doesn’t need a chair to make anyone bleed, and if Mox wants a match at Revolution, he’s got it.

They go forehead to forehead.

That’s the show, folks.

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