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BTE’s got jokes about Cody’s AEW exit, drug testing Hardys for erratic behavior

Being the Elite on YouTube

Being The Elite — The Young Buck’s irreverent YouTube series — has been central to a lot pro wrestling’s biggest stories of the last half-decade.

All Elite Wrestling almost certainly wouldn’t exist if the show hadn’t given Matt & Nick Jackson and Cody Rhodes a popular platform which to promote ALL IN. So since Feb. 21’s BTE is the first since Cody & Brandi Rhodes left AEW last week, it was expected that episode 295 would in some way acknowledge the Bucks’ fellow Executive Vice-President leaving the company.

It was also expected that, unlike Tony Khan and Kenny Omega, the Jacksons would have a bit more fun with the situation. “Matt & Nick Explain It All” doesn’t waste any time getting to what they call the elephant in the room, but after a minute of so of earnest set-up, the gag kicks in. Cameraman/punching bag Brandon Cutler is the audience surrogate after the Bucks reveal what has them so emotional in the show-opening scene.

That’s not the only reference to comings and goings between AEW and WWE, either.

Matt Hardy’s “erratic behavior” — a reference to his younger brother’s WWE release, which came after Jeff Hardy walked out during a house show match, then refused a rehab ultimatum before his drug test reportedly came back clean — has been mentioned multiple times on AEW television recently. In this week’s BTE, Matt & Nick evoke their EVP privilege to demand a urine test from Matt Hardy. Things get gross before the Bucks break.

Those guys... what a couple of cards.

Cody is expected to show up in WWE soon. The Hardys are making a “final run” on the indies, and speculation is Jeff will join AEW once he’s able.

BTE will have jokes about both things if/when they happen.

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