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Moxley’s make-up match includes a Danhausen curse, and an intriguing Danielson offer

After controversy surrounding his original opponent prompted a change, Jon Moxley opened the Feb. 2 episode of Dynamite against Wheeler Yuta. Yuta was accompanied to the ring by his Best Friend stablemate Orange Cassidy, and AEW’s newest signee — the very nice, very evil Danhausen.

Yuta gave Mox a scrap, and was helped by the same curse Danhausen put on Adam Cole last week...

... but in the end, it went the way you knew it would. Paradigm Shift, 1-2-3.

What happened next was also expected, but what he said wasn’t. Bryan Danielson was here, but not to fight Mox. Instead he was here to propose an alliance, one that would make sure the AEW World champion isn’t a millenial cowboy, and that a man dressed as a dinosaur wouldn’t wear an AEW Tag title. The American Dragon proposed that as a team, he and Moxley could recruit young guys like Yuta away from Best Friends, or Daniel Garcia away from 2point0.

Bryan offered his hand, but Mox wasn’t sold on the legacy his former WWE co-worker was proposing. But he didn’t say “no”, and now we really have to wonder what his answer will be after he thinks on it.

Get complete results and coverage of everything that happened on tonight’s Dynamite‘s here.

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