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Paige VanZant attacks Brandi Rhodes to end bizarre Dynamite segment

For the most part, it seems fans have embraced Cody Rhodes’ not-heel turn. AEW seems to want extend his trollying babyface routine to his wife too, but fans aren’t as willing to yay/boo Brandi Rhodes.

Part of the strategy to have Brandi not get booed out of the building when she “accidentally” calls Chicago Cleveland is to set her opposite Dan Lambert. But Brandi even gets booed when answering the American Top Team head honcho’s retro act. It leads to really weird segments like this one.

If you’re one of the many AEW viewers asking, “what the hell was that?” — the answer came after breast jokes, MMA insults, and a Josh Alexander shout out. Former UFC fighter Paige VanZant stormed down the ramp to give Brandi a fight. A pull apart brawl followed...

... and I guess a match will at some point, too.

Who should we cheer in this match? Why should we care? Maybe they’ll figure that out by the time PVZ fights the Chief Brandi Officer.

Get complete results and coverage of everything that happened on tonight’s Dynamite‘s here.

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