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PAC can see, but now Penta might be blind

Sure, PAC lowered his blindfold in his last video message to Malakai Black, the man who “blinded” him with black mist back in December. But a lot of fans (well, at least this one) really wanted him to work “blind” a la Daredevil or Zatōichi.

For the first few minutes of his return to Dynamite on Feb. 2, it looked like we (I) would get our (my) wish. He came out after his tag partner Penta El Zero M, guided by Alex Abrahantes. Then he started the match against Black and his Kings of the Black Throne partner Brody King with his blindfold on.

But those moves weren’t the product of radar sense. What we saw last week was no ruse. PAC can see.

Can Penta? After King sent PAC crashing to the floor, Malakai spit in the Lucha Bro’s face.

That allowed the Kings to hit their tandem finisher, and left he of zero fear clutching his eyes and writhing in pain.

Penta makes a better Daredevil or Zatōichi, anyway.

Get complete results and coverage of everything that happened on tonight’s Dynamite‘s here.

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