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Tony Khan comments on Cody & Brandi Rhodes leaving AEW, teases ‘massive’ news

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Whatever else we think of the split between Cody & Brandi Rhodes and AEW, you can’t argue that both sides have been very classy in their public statements about the matter.

That’s still true after Dave LaGreca asked Tony Khan was asked about the Rhodes’ exit during the AEW owner/president/booker’s weekly visit to Sirius XM’s Busted Open:

“I put out statements that were from the heart, and really positive, and I meant it. I wish them both really well, and I appreciate everything they did here in their different roles in the company. It’s very sad, and not something any of us wanted to happen, I think. But I believe that Cody’s got something else in the works, I’m not sure about that — but we’ll see. I’m sure they are going to have great opportunities in wrestling, and in life. You never know what’s gonna happen in the future. I wish ‘em the best, and very appreciative for everything they did here.”

Asked about the tweets in support of Brandi Rhodes after reports that she wasn’t highly thought of backstage, Khan put over the close-knit atmosphere behind-the-scenes at AEW.

While we’ve no reason to doubt that’s true, it’s also a bit of spin. But more than any spin, TK knows what will change the conversation about his company (and answer that “something else” Cody has in the works)... teasing BIG news!

“There’ll be a lot of news in the week of ahead, Dave. I don’t know if I’ll get it done by tonight [to announce on Rampage], but stay tuned in the week ahead, hopefully. I’m working on something pretty big. It would be massive. I don’t know if it’s what anybody would expect it is, or think it is, but it would be a big deal in pro wrestling. I’m looking forward to hopefully making it happen. Stay tuned. I hopefully will get it done, and have more to announce soon.”

We’re just a couple weeks out from the whirlwind around Tony’s last “huge announcement”. Part of that one turned out to be what a lot of folks expected — the signing of Keith Lee. What will this massive, unexpected big deal be?

Give us your guesses below, along with any lingering thoughts about the Rhodes/Khan split.

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