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Dustin Rhodes implores fans to ‘Join the AEW train’

All Elite Wrestling

Time will tell how big an impact (pun semi-intended) Cody Rhodes’ exit from AEW — and likely return to WWE — has on the wrestling business.

In the immediate wake of Tuesday’s bombshell news, it’s certainly affected perceptions. How people in and outside the industry view Cody, Brandi, WWE & AEW has shifted and changed with each report about Rhodes leaving the company he helped found in 2019.

Tony Khan’s company has largely no sold the news. Members of the organization have freely said their farewells and thank yous to Cody & Brandi, but outside of the official statement that confirmed the news, AEW’s remained focused on the future.

Dustin Rhodes’ second tweet on the matter is still forward-looking. But is also seems aware that it’s at least something of a public relations hit for AEW to lose an executive & star, and for WWE to lure back someone who was famously frustrated in their system. The man Cody calls “Chicken” has already vowed to remain All Elite. He’s followed that up by rallying fans to the company, even suggesting a hashtag:

Are you with Dustin, and still #WithAEW?

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