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Moxley gives Danielson an answer, but maybe not the one he was looking for

‘I don’t stand side by side with nobody until I bleed with them first.’

After he and Lee Moriarty put on a clinic in Nashville on AEW Dynamite, Bryan Danielson grabbed a microphone.

The American Dragon asked the crowd’s opinion on how Moriarty did in a losing effort, but Danielson didn’t really care. He just wanted to call out Jon Moxley to demand an answer on the alliance Bryan proposed a couple weeks ago.

Mox arrived through the crowd, got on the microphone, and told a story about the first time he squared off with Danielson at independent show a decade ago. Moxley lost that match, and every match he’s had with the Dragon since. So when Bryan signed with AEW, he was excited to finally beat his old WWE co-worker.

But Danielson doesn’t want to wrestle, he wants to team-up. And Mox is excited by the potential of that alliance, but he also wonders if Bryan is just trying to avoid going one-on-one. So he’s leaving it up to the Dragon, because he doesn’t stand beside anyone until he’s bled with them.

This was Moxley’s latest great promo since returning from his three month hiatus. It also sets up an intriguing match, and an even more intriguing future beyond it.

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