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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (Feb. 16, 2022): Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara

All Elite Wrestling

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing tonight at 8 pm ET on TBS.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what led up to, and what we’re looking forward to on, tonight’s show.

This week’s show comes our way from Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. Sammy Guevara will defend his TNT title(s?) against Darby Allin, Inner Circle in-fighting brings us Chris Jericho & Jake Hager vs. Santana & Ortiz, Thunder Rosa & Mercedes Martinez throw down, CM Punk will announce the details of his rematch with MJF, Wardlow & Max Caster will battle for a spot in the Face of the Revolution ladder match at next month’s PPV, Bryan Danielson takes on Lee Moriarty... and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TBS. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


I’m so far away and so alone, I need to see your face to keep me sane, to make me whole, and I will tomorrow, but first I have to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for these folks.

The show opens with CM Punk getting on the mic.

He sits crosslegged in the ring and reminds us that he’s straight edge— he’s drug-free, he’s alcohol-free, and he’s better than you. Those words he first spoke over twenty years ago and that laid the foundation for such a career that he was able to inspire a whole generation of wrestlers.

Some of them are in that locker room right now, and then there’s Maxwell Jacob Friedman. He tries to walk like him, to talk like him, but he can never think like him. When MJF beat him in Chicago, his home town, twice, you’d think he’d be furious, but the truth is he’s proud of Max.

Where he strays from the path is he fails to retain the knowledge he’s been taught. He fancies himself like Piper in Oregon, Bret in Canada, and Punk in Chicago, but he’s just shitty little Max from shitty little Long Island. His entire career has been predicated on using the Dynamite Diamond Ring.

He gets to pick the time and place for his rematch, and the time is after sundown in Orlando Florida on March 6 at Revolution! For the stipulation he started thinking about his toughest matches, and he thought maybe you put him in a cage, but he’s seen Wardlow and he knows Wardlow can climb a cage and Friedman can still run.

He thought about all the tough matches he’s lost, and those are the lessons he’s REALLY retained, so he thought back on the toughest matches, when he left pieces of himself in the ring, and he thinks Piper in Portland, chained together, Valentine... IT’S A DOG COLLAR MATCH BABY!

He says it’ll take years off his career and that’s the lesson he needs to learn, and he wants MJF out here because he’s got one more thing to say and he wants to look him in the eyes when he says it.

Enter Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

Punk tells him to take it all in, and he shows a picture of himself with a young MJF. He knows it well, probably the greatest day of his life, but for CM Punk? It was Friday. Revolution is gonna be the worst day of his life, and for Punk it’s just gonna be a Sunday, and he’s gonna stain the canvas with his blood.

Max goes to speak but he’s lost for words and looks distraught! He walks away!

Commentary hypes up the rest of the show and tosses to a video package breaking the Moxley/Danielson story down for us and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Tony Schiavone is with Jurassic Express to talk up the battles royal that will set two sets of contends for their tag titles.

Jungle Boy says he loves a three-way... match... and Christian Cage says after Revolution, they’ll still be tag champs.

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Lee Moriarty

Danielson offers a handshake but yanks it away when Moriarty goes to accept! Front chancery, back and forth on the mat, Bryan with an armbar takedown but Lee rolls through and manages to get in the ropes! Referee Rick Knox calls for the break and Dragon slaps the taste out of Moriarty’s mouth!

Lee fires back with a spinning toehold, wrenching the free foot, Danielson reverses to a stepover toehold and shifts into the setup for a Romero Special, flexing him up and falling back to full extension! Pulling him down into the Dragon Sleeper but Lee rakes the eyes to break loose!

Moriarty looking for the Border City Stretch, Dragon in the ropes so he shifts to lighting Bryan’s arm up with strikes! Japanese Stranglehold applied, Danielson reverses but Moriarty backs him into the corner and hammers him with repeated uppercuts! Whip across, backflip up and over, Lee catches him with an uppercut!

Out and back in, Dragon gets him tied up in the ropes and lays chest kicks in! Hanging knee right to the jaw sends us to break!

Back from commercial, Danielson riding him, looking for a pin but Moriarty reverses and their legs stay painfully grapevined and they go into headstands and trade slaps! Falling down, Lee with forearms, LeBell Lock applied but Moriarty gets the ropes! Whip blocked, Lee snaps off a Saito suplex!

TAIGASTYLE fired up, going forearm for uppercut, Dragon gets the better of the exchange but Moriarty gets a backslide for two! Danielson with a big right hand, Lee’s resolve stiffens, chops and elbows and Bryan cuts him off with a rolling elbow that sends him to his knees! Chest kick blocked, lariat into an overhook suplex... NOPE!

Northern forearms, Border City Stretch is applied in the middle of the ring! Danielson reverses... REGALPLEX! Lining him up, the Busaiku knee connects but that’s not good enough for the American Dragon! Grabbing Lee’s wrists, he stomps his head in! Falling back into a figure four headscissors...

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson wins by referee stoppage with a figure four headscissors.

Post-match, Dragon gets on the mic and says he came out here to teach Lee Moriarty a thing or two about violence.

He polls the crowd and asks if Lee passed or failed, and when the crowd says he passed, he says he doesn’t trust the American public with anything. But that’s not why he grabbed the microphone, he asked Jon Moxley to team up with him and create a whole new AEW and teach young wrestlers about violence, and he wants an answer.

Enter Jon Moxley.

He slithers in the ring and gets on the mic. He says a little over a decade ago he was a lot like Lee Moriarty and the other kids in the AEW locker room. Young, angry, poor, nothing to lose and he took a shot to take the great American Dragon down.

A little indie show in Chillicothe, Ohio, Danielson was late due to weather and they sent Tracy Smothers to the ring to vamp for 45 minutes. Bryan pulled up, already in his gear and they met the first time in the ring, Moxley eye to eye with the man they called the best wrestler in the world.

He gave everything he had and fought tooth and nail and came up short, but getting a taste of the best just made him meaner and angrier and made him want it more. And he got more shots at Danielson and he came up short every time. In fact, he’s never beaten Bryan Danielson.

So when he showed up everyone else was scared, but Mox was excited to put the one head up on his wall that he never could, say the one dragon that he couldn’t, but it turns out Danielson doesn’t want to fight? He listened to him a couple weeks ago, to every single thing he said, and he can’t lie, he got to thinking about how awesome it could be.

All the arms they could stomp, skulls they could cave in, they could create a dynasty of unmitigated pure wrestling violence. And then he thought about what they could create, the young guys they could take with them, to give something back to wrestling and leave a legacy.

He couldn’t think of one good reason to say no, but then he got to wondering... is the only reason that Bryan wants to stand side by side is that he doesn’t want to find himself standing across the ring from Jon Moxley, because he knows he’d do the same to him that he’s done to everybody else for the last three years?

And if that’s the case, well, he’s already beaten Bryan Danielson. So does he want to create, or does he not want to get destroyed. He’s going to leave it up to Dragon, and he’s not saying yes and he’s not saying no. He’s not that young kid from a decade ago and for all intents and purposes they’re meeting here for the first time...

He don’t stand side-by-side with nobody until he bleeds with ‘em first.

We get a Keith Lee hype reel following his debut last week.

Max Caster vs. Wardlow (Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifying Match)

Circling, Caster keeping his distance, Wardlow almsot gets him for the powerbomb but he slips away! Go-behind, forearm, Mr. Mayhem shrugs it off, Max with a boot and Bowens runs interference to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Wardlow gets him up but Caster hits him with the chain! Mic Drop... WARDLOW KICKS OUT! Back body drop, Mr. Mayhem hip checks Max into Bowens and hits the first powerbomb! Another one, a third...

Wardlow wins by pinfall with the Powerbomb Symphony to qualify for the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match.

Post-match, Anthony Bowens attacks Wardlow and gets powerbombed for his trouble!

Team DMD are interviewed backstage and Dr. Britt Baker, DMD tells Mercedes Martinez to finish the job and finish Thunder Rosa, and she’s got the best squad and the best sensei.

JOHN BY GOD KREESE ROLLS UP! Britt asks him what to do if Mercedes loses, and he tells her to finish her, no mercy.

Commentary hypes up the rest of the show and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Tony Schiavone introduces “Hangman” Adam Page.

He starts talking and immediately gets interrupted by Adam Cole.

Cole asks Nashville to give the champion a round of applause and says he’s been in some battles. Against Bryan Danielson, Kenny Omega, and that Texas Death Match was one of the craziest he’s ever seen, and Hangman has certainly owned the right to call himself the AEW World Champion.

He says he’s been a world champion everywhere he’s gone and it’s a shame Hangman’s reign has to end soon. Page says he’s often wondered how it felt for Cole to leave and watch his friends build an empire without him, and it must be weird standing in the ring with his Bullet Club Buddy and Ring of Honor Roommate and knowing that this is the only world title he will never, ever hold.

Cole segues into talking about the Young Bucks and the Dark Order and points out that Hangman hasn’t associated with either for months, and what kind of friend is he? Page admits that he’s not perfect but he doesn’t think Cole has the best record with friendship either.

Sure he’s had regrets and made mistakes, and he’s starting to think that being in the ring with him tonight is one of the worst mistakes he’s ever made. Cole backs off and puts him over as a champion again and says any time they’ve been in the same promotion together, Page has just been the other Adam.

Hangman lays the title and microphone down and rolls his cuffs up, coming at Cole. Adam begs off and says from the bottom of his heart, he has nothing but love, respect, and admiration in his heart for him, and if he can share the ring with anybody in the company, it’s him.

And when they fight for the title, it’ll be man to man, and when that day comes, filled with respect, may the best man win. He offers a handshake and Page takes it, and Cole leaves without issue.

BUT REDRAGON HIT THE RING AND BEAT PAGE DOWN! Cole slides back in the ring and joins them in their 3-on-1 beatdown! Security hits the ring to break it up and the Dark Order are right behind them! Preston “10” Vance starts taking security guards out and the other Dark Order boys hold him back but he just chucks another guard out after them!

We get a video package for Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara.

Inner Circle (Chris Jericho & Jake Hager) vs. Proud-N-Powerful (Ortiz & Santana)

A healed-up Eddie Kingston makes his entrance to second Ortiz and Santana for this match.

Santana and Jericho to start, face-to-face and jawing at each other, Chris with a slap and Mike opens up on him in return! Off the ropes, big lariat, Stinger Splash, getting in Y2J’s face and piefacing him! Whip across, boot up, Santana backs him into the corner and chops him hard!

Snapmare, off the second with a dropkick, cover for one. Tag to Ortiz, Manhattan Drop, kidney forearm, DDT, step-up moonsault! Angel covers Jericho for one, drawing him up, fisherman suplex with the bridge, only two! Pop-up drop, tag to Hager, he demands Ortiz tell him why and drops him with a forearm!

Angel firing punches at the knee, kick, forearms to the face, off the ropes and Jake gets a big belly-to-belly to set up the Vader Bomb that gets a nearfall and sends us to break.

Back from commercial, both Ortiz and Jericho down and out and we get tags! Santana in hot, clear the apron, right hands on Hager, big back chop, off the ropes, basement dropkick! Y2J slides in to hit the Codebreaker, Jake with the high-angle spinning spinebuster... NO GOOD!

Lionsault countered, Russian legsweep, cover... NOPE! They get Jericho up for the Street Sweeper... BUT HE KICKS OUT! Y2J with the Walls of Jericho as a counter, Santana reaching and desperate... AND HE GETS THE ROPES! Triangle dropkick takes Eddie Kingston out, Santana rolls under the Judas Effect...

Proud-N-Powerful win by pinfall with a discus lariat from Santana on Chris Jericho.

Adam Cole, reDRagon, and the Young Bucks are backstage.

reDRagon asks where the Bucks were just now and they say they’ve had enough beating Hangman down, and Cole more or less accepts this and says next week will be great for them because he’s gonna beat Preston Vance, Jay White’s gonna beat Trent Beretta, and one of their teams is gonna win the #1 contender’s tag battle royal.

Matt Jackson asks where Kyle was, he says he was out for paternity leave and they bicker about how many kids they have. They all wish each other luck and leave Cole alone to send us to break.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Thunder Rosa (No Disqualification Match)

Rosa right at her with a steel chair, in the ring, right hands, forearms, and chops from Martinez! Action to the floor, Thunder gets a table out from under the ring but Mercedes cuts her off before she can set it up and throws her into the steel steps! Rosa recovers and whips her THROUGH the barricade!

Setting Martinez in a chair and putting boots to her, smashing her into the riser barricades and brawling into the crowd!

Back from commercial, a table is leaned against the apron and Martinez hits the fisherman buster off the apron and into the table! Back inside, jockeying for position, Rosa hits an avalanche Frankensteiner! Back and forth, Mercedes hits the spider German suplex and follows it with an elbow drop for two!

Crucifix driver, Rosa follows it up by hoisting her on her shoulders...

Thunder Rosa wins by pinfall with a Fire Thunder Driver into a stack of chairs.

Post-match, Rosa helps Martinez up but she backs off as Team DMD comes down to do what Sensei Kreese demands.

Dr. Britt Baker consults with him and he says he told her she was weak and to finish her. Rebel and Jamie Hayter double-team Rosa and Britt gives Mercedes the pipe and tells her to join in but Martinez hesitates and Rebel and Hayter jump her in turn!

We get a House of Black video package about violence begetting violence and how no violence can be created without judgment.

Commentary hypes our next round of shows up.

We get a promo from “Switchblade” Jay White where he spins a tale about being responsible for Kenny Omega leaving New Japan, and we go to break.

Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara (c) (AEW TNT Championship)

Handshake, circling, collar and elbow, into the ropes, Allin gets a headlock takeover! Shift to a hammerlock, grinding it in, snapmare into a crucifix pin, and then back to the side headlock! Guevara sends him crashing to the floor, back inside, suplex into the ropes, clubbing blows, pop up top, senton atomico off the top and we go to break!

Back from commercial, whip reversed, Allin stacks him up for backsplashes in the corner, chop block, falling backsplash to the knee! Jockeying for position in the corner, Darby with a stump puller from the tree of woe but Sammy hits the Spanish Fly! Slow to capitalize, clutching the injured knee, cover... TOO LITTLE TOO LATE!

Springboard kick caught and Darby locks the figure four leglock on! Guevara rolls over and reverses the pressure but Allin gets him right back to vertical! Trading slaps in the hold, Darby lets go! Charging knee, Allin sidesteps, Diamond Dust blocked, GTH blocked, Last Supper... SO CLOSE!

Diamond Dust hits this time and Guevara rolls to the floor! Darby off the ropes... SUICIDE DIVE COUNTERED WITH AN ACE CRUSHER ON THE FLOOR! He puts Allin on the apron and goes up top... SENTON ATOMICO ON THE APRON BUT NOBODY’S HOME! Back inside, Darby puts him in position and crawls, deliberate and wounded, to his feet and up the turnbuckles.

Jose is here to run interference, Sting cuts him off, Darby is perched but Andrade el Idolo whacks him with the tablet and Allin is out in the turnbuckles! Sammy slowly stirs and shrugs before collecting Darby out of the corner...

Sammy Guevara wins by pinfall with the GTH to retain the AEW TNT Championship.

Post-match, Matt Hardy runs and slides in the ring to beat Darby Allin down a bunch! Sammy slides back in the ring to run him off, Andrade comes from behind and cracks Guevara across the back with the tablet! El Idolo picks up the title belts and poses with them!

Sting gets in the ring and Andrade runs away.

That’s the show, folks.

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