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The Briscoes on FTR match: ‘Tony Khan, **** or get off the pot’

Even before FTR crashed The Briscoes’ celebration at Ring of Honor Final Battle last December, there was anticipation among wrestling fans for a showdown between the two decorated tag teams. Once that happened, it seemed like just a matter of time before Dem Boys and the Top Guys threw down.

But it hasn’t happened. Despite an invitation to AEW Dynamite from Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler, and opportunities in independent promotions like Game Changer Wrestling (where Jay & Mark Briscoe also held tag gold until a couple weeks back) — it feels like we’re farther away from this dream match than ever.

While promoting the first defense of their 12th reign as ROH Tag champs at Warrior Wrestling tonight (Feb. 12), the Briscoes didn’t even want to talk about AEW.

Earlier in the week on Busted Open, they did speak on it. Jay sounds as confused as anyone about what the hold up is, but did direct some of his comments to the man in charge of AEW:

“When that shit went down at Final Battle, we haven’t heard shit from ‘em since. Now that’s the bullshit right there. Tony Khan, listen to me, either shit or get off the pot. You ever heard that saying? Shit or get off the pot...

“That’s the whole thing, man. So... the last Ring Of Honor show, we go out there — blow the frickin’ roof off the place, man. Then everybody want to clap for us, we got the family there, we brought a frickin’ bus up there with 50 people on there, man. We tryin’ to say thank you to everybody, and here they come. Now what? Now they come, but now shit — let’s do something, man! This some bullshit! What ya’ll tryin’ to do to us? It’s almost like they’re tryin’ to sabotage us, man, and that’s some bullshit.”

What gives? Perhaps Khan is worried about blowback due to the Briscoes’ past homophobia. They’ve had some co-workers from GCW and ROH vouch for them as changed men, but especially after the Brian Kendrick flap and the firestorm his handling of Big Swole’s diversity critique caused, TK may have decided the chicken farmers from Sandy Fork aren’t worth the headache. It’s not like he’s short on wrestlers.

In one of Khan’s chats with Busted Open last month, it sounded like the crowded roster was the reason he wasn’t booking the Briscoes:

“Well, it’s a great team, a great history in Ring Of Honor... We have a great roster right now. I think they’re a great team, and definitely somebody to keep an eye on. But no, nothing official on them. We debuted so many great wrestlers recently... We will have to wait and see I guess. But they’re a great team who I have followed for well over 15 years — who am I kidding? Much longer than that. I think they’re great — great wrestlers.”

Even if Tony decides to get off the pot without making a deposit, we still might see Briscoes/FTR somewhere. The NWA’s Crockett Cup tournament returns next month, Jay & Mark are already booked, and if there’s ever been a promotion Dax & Cash are suited to...

Stay tuned.

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