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Bryan Danielson isn’t angry about Jon Moxley’s one-night stand with CM Punk

After weeks of keeping a close eye on Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson finally spoke with him last week (Feb. 2) on Dynamite and said he wants to team up with him. Moxley and Danielson could easily run the company and take every title around if they joined forces, while also building up the next generation of wrestlers. Moxley listened to Bryan’s intriguing offer but didn’t give him an answer.

That’s why it was very interesting on this week’s (Feb. 9) Dynamite when CM Punk needed a last-minute tag team partner for a match against FTR, and Moxley was the guy who answered the call to join him.

Danielson had to be pissed off by Moxley’s decision to team with Punk right after receiving Bryan’s similar offer, right?

Nope! On tonight’s (Feb. 11) Rampage, Bryan explained that he understands why Mox joined up with Punk. Mox is a guy who likes to fight, and that was nothing more than a one-night stand with Punk. Bryan wants a long-term partnership with Moxley, and he remains confident that it will happen:

Danielson was then confronted by Matt Sydal and Lee Moriarty, who didn’t appreciate his somewhat condescending remarks from last week. A match between Danielson and Moriarty was booked for next week’s (Feb. 16) episode of Dynamite. I don’t think Moriarty realizes that he’s going to get his head violently kicked in next week.

What did you think of Bryan Danielson’s response to Jon Moxley teaming up with CM Punk?

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