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Tony Khan on the possibility of Shane McMahon in AEW

Shane-Vince WWE

I’ll give this to Tony Khan — he sure knows how to keep himself in the headlines. From some confusing promotion for a hot new free agent signing to some brilliant promotion for Rampage to tough choices on expiring contracts, he’s always got just enough to say that sites like ours can’t help but cover it.

To that end, he’s got yet another quote we just can’t help but pass along.

With Shane McMahon now gone from WWE, and seemingly not going back anytime soon, it’s only natural that someone would ask Khan about Vince’s son showing up in AEW. Sure enough, SI did just that and got this in response:

“I’d certainly take the call. I’m sure he’d be an interesting person to talk to about wrestling. I’m not sure exactly if he would be a fit. I have not heard from him, and I don’t expect to hear from him, but in this business, you never know.”

Shane O’Mac probably wouldn’t be a great fit for the AEW roster, I can agree with that. But, man, can you imagine if a McMahon showed up on an AEW program one day? We’re not talking Monday Night War hype but it might be as close as we could ever get.


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