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Former WWE NXT-er impressed against Jade Cargill, and now she’s All Elite

It got a little lost amidst the other news and violent delights of an excellent Feb. 9 AEW Dynamite, but Jade Cargill and AQA put on a nifty little TBS title match. The Booker T-trained challenger pulled off the impressive feat of convincing fans who knew she wasn’t winning that maybe, just maybe she could pull off the upset. She also made the champ look like a million bucks, which is something the 27-0 Cargill is proving she needs less & less help with these days, but a little assist never hurts.

Certainly didn’t hurt AQA in Tony Khan’s eyes. The AEW owner/president/booker today announced he’s signed her to a contract.

WWE fans may recognize AQA for her time in NXT last year, where she wrestled a handful of television matches as Zayda Ramier.

She left the company in November of 2021 after being “medically disqualified” by WWE medical, who she says told her “You’re 100 percent fine to wrestle. You just can’t wrestle here,” due to concerns that arose after she became dehydrated during a training session. AQA reports she’s since been cleared by outside doctors, and presumably by AEW’s medical team, too.

No word on the length of the contract, but getting the official tweet means its more than just a per appearance deal. We’ll see how AQA (real name Angela Arnold) does on the crowded AEW roster.

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