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Jon Moxley talks the status of Blackpool Combat Club

Jon Moxley had some thoughts to get off his chest after losing the AEW World Championship to MJF at Full Gear, being blindsided by William Regal’s treachery, the status of the Blackpool Combat Club, and what to expect from him going forward. In the process, Moxley buried MJF.

Moxley delivered his promo on the latest ‘Road to’ episode.

Moxley started out by commenting on the world title situation.

Jon Moxley: No, it hasn’t been a very good week at all. It’s been a pretty bad few days actually. For a couple reasons.

And the belt? Whatever. Belts come and go. I’ve won a million belts. I’ll win a million more. He (MJF) knows he tapped out. I can walk into that locker room, steal that belt right out of his bag right in front of him, and he wouldn’t do shit. It’s whatever. The belt is what you make it.

Mox told no lies when crapping on MJF’s legitimacy, both as champion and tough guy. I don’t think anyone would disagree with Moxley’s assessment. By telling the truth, he basically buried MJF as a punk.

Moxley expressed his feelings about Regal’s actions having an effect on the Blackpool Combat Club.

Moxley: But the BCC, the Blackpool Combat Club is a real thing. It’s not an act. This isn’t reality TV. And to lose that, that part of my identity, that part of Bryan (Danielson) and Claudio’s (Castagnoli) identity. The years and years of training together, the years and years of riding together, the years and years of learning together, trying to be better every single time out, trying to show up everybody else on the card, to be the standard-bearers every single night in whatever company we were in, whatever town we were in, to be the benchmark, to take pride in your work, to do this job the way it’s supposed to be done. And what happened at Full Gear, it just doesn’t make sense. In life sometimes, you just don’t get answers.

The last line was the most interesting on the BCC topic. Moxley pretty much set the stage for no resolution about the Regal story in the event that rumors are true of the villain returning to WWE.

Moxley finished true to self as the video package spliced in highlights of the brawl with Hangman Page.

Moxley: But, one thing has remained a constant. One thing will be true. It’s been true since day one in AEW, since I walked through these doors. I walk how I want to I want to walk, I talk how I want to talk, I wrestle how I want to wrestle, I do what I want to do. And I could quite frankly give zero (bleeps) what anybody thinks about it. I am the best wrestler in the world through sheer will. And that ain’t going to change, no matter who is or who isn’t in my corner.

It’s that cool confidence that sets Moxley apart from the pack as a top star. Those words don’t sound cocky coming from him, because he’s shown the ability to back it up time and time again in AEW.

What’s your reaction to Jon Moxley’s promo?

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