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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (Dec. 7, 2022): Diamond Battle Royal

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Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing tonight at 8 pm ET on TBS.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what led up to, and what we’re looking forward to on, tonight’s show.

This week’s episode comes our way from H-E-B Center in greater Austin, Texas. Advertised for tonight: The Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal, with the winner getting a chance to take the ring from AEW World champ MJF, who will once again have promo time on tonight’s show. We’ll also see Samoa Joe defend the TNT title against Darby Allin, while FTR tries to add the AEW Tag belts to their collection when they face The Acclaimed. Plus, Jon Moxley and Women’s champ Jamie Hayter will get microphones, Daniel Garcia & Wheeler Yuta will get ready for their ROH Pure championship clash this weekend at Final Battle in a Blackpool Combat Club vs. Jericho Appreciation Society tag match, Jade Cargill leads her current Baddies into action against a trio led by a former one, and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TBS. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Keep rearranging, it’s all the same, always saying someone else is to blame, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with the intro video.

Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royal

“Absolute” Ricky Starks, “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry, and “the Natural” Dustin Rhodes all get individual entrances.

Chaotic brawling to start, Kip Sabian working Orange Cassidy over on the floor, up in the ropes, biting the hand to try and knock him down, and eventually eliminating him by putting him into the post! Rhodes eliminates Sabian in the aftermath and gets to brawling with the Butcher, and Dustin is eliminated!

High fiving the Blade, Dalton Castle gets dumped to the apron by Brian Cage and saved from elimination by his Boys! Cage keeps knocking him down and the Boys walk him around the ring to another side of the apron! Ducking a forearm, but Brian scoops him up and eliminates the Party Peacock with slam!

Jungle Boy dropkicks Cage to the apron, jockeying for position in the ropes, float over a suplex, back elbow gets a superkick and Brian is staggered! Off the top, Meteora eliminates Cage and we go to break!

Back from commercial, the Butcher is throwing hands, brawling with Shawn Dean, but Starks eliminates him! Lee Moriarty dumps Ricky to the apron and Perry eliminates Lee with a Frankensteiner only to get eliminated by a boot from W. Morrissey! He chokeslams Jungle Boy neck-first into the corner of the ring!

Matt Hardy plants Starks with a Side Effect, Ethan Page orders him to raise his hand, working Ricky over, Dean makes the save! Throwing hands with Hardy, float-over DDT on Page while Stokely Hathaway glowers at him, Matt cuts him off and hits the Twist of Fate!

Hardy won’t eliminate Shawn so Ethan does it for him, they argue but Matt blasts Starks as soon as he gets up and beats him down! Page poses while Hardy looks for the Twist of Fate but Ricky eliminates him! Final two now, Starks hits a big tornado DDT! Fired up, sidestep the spear, roundhouse kick lays Ricky out!

Popping him up, looking for a slam over the ropes but Starks hangs on...

Ricky Starks wins, last eliminating “All Ego” Ethan Page to win the right to challenge Maxwell Jacob Friedman for the Dynamite Diamond Ring at any time of his choosing.

Enter MJF.

He gets on the mic and says a little birdie told him Bryan Danielson didn’t show up tonight and he knows it’s because he’s terrified of him after what he did to his boy William Regal. He’s a bad, bad man, and that’s why in a week’s time he’s gonna be a four-time Dynamite Diamond Ring Champion and he’s still gonna be the world champion.

He turns to Starks and says that people treat him like some unheralded god of pro wrestling, but the truth is compared to MJF he’s the drizzling shits, or should he say he’s a roody-poo candy-ass, since Starks has stolen everything else from that guy. He tells Ricky he’s nothing more than a dollar-store Dwayne, so he’s gonna start calling him the Pebble.

So next week at Dynamite, Max is gonna put him in his pocket, hop in his brand new Porsche, and drive him all the way back to Billy Corgan’s NWA so Ricky can wrestle on YouTube where he belongs. So he doesn’t care that he’s Absolute, because he’s a generational talent and his reign of terror has just begun.

Starks cold-shoulders his way through Friedman on his way to getting a microphone.

He calls him Maxi Pad and says he should have expected a fifth-rate Roddy Piper wannabe to come out here and try to steal the spotlight. Oh, you trash the city, you trash the people, how much more schtick you got because the low-hanging fruit is running dry.

Every week MJF comes out here smelling like paint thinner and ass, his eczema’s like he laid down on an ant-hill for a week, his clothes don’t fit, and he thinks he’s better than Starks? Everything about Max screams cheap, from his suits to his heat, and he’s our AEW World Champion?

That title comes with responsibility that MJF knows nothing about, and the difference between them is that he gives the people a reason to keep cheering, but Max lets everybody down every time. He can run off because he got out-politicked by somebody smarter than him but Ricky’s here every week.

Friedman avoids pressure, Starks takes it in, he does the meet and greets, and besides his nose being a lot darker than the rest of his body, Ricky lives with dignity and respect. When he was living in his car in South Austin, he was grinding, and Max thinks that just because he pays people and kisses ass he can get whatever he wants?

Next week is a big deal, and next week he’s gonna stomp the mole off his neck, stomp his asshole in, and he’s gonna take that title and do him a favor that he’s never had done in his life— he’s gonna take the responsibility off his plate, little boy.

Max, reasonable as ever, kicks him right in the gentleman’s area. Looking for a lariat, Ricky ducks and turns him ass over teakettle with a spear! Starks holds the title up!

We get a Darby Allin promo about how he’s felt lost since he lost the TNT Championship and Samoa Joe will have to bury him to keep him away from it.

Joe responds and calls him a curious little dead boy and honestly I’m cracking up so bad I miss most of the rest of his promo but hey curiosity has a cost.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Jon Moxley cuts a promo.

He says last week didn’t get out of hand and he’s really starting to like Adam Page talking with his fists. There’s not enough of that around here, and this is All Elite Wrestling, not All Elite Talking. This is the sport of kings, and tonight he and Wheeler and Claudio, this weekend, they bring back 100 proof ass-kicking pro wrestling.

He’s so over the Jericho Appreciation Society and he’s gonna be out there tonight to ensure there’s no sports entertainment shenanigans, and if Hangman wants another piece, he knows where to find him.

Darby Allin vs. Samoa Joe (c) (AEW TNT Championship)

Face-to-face, Allin throwing punches, Joe turns him around but Darby stays on him! Shove gets a dropkick, Samoa to the floor, Allin off the ropes but Joe simply walks away! Joe plucks him off the apron and swings him into the barricade and the apron and then the barricade again!

Slamming Darby on the floor, Samoa exposes some of the concrete floor but Allin floats over the powerbomb! Charging in... JOE CATCHES HIM WITH THE SNAP SCOOP POWERSLAM ON THE CONCRETE AND WE GOTTA GO TO BREAK!

Back from commercial, Joe works him over in the corner and throws him into the post so hard Allin goes flying out to the floor and crashes into the barricade! Somehow Darby beats the count, Samoa with Kawada kicks, Allin paintbrushes him with a slap across the jaw!

Joe with a Manhattan Drop, an enzuigiri, a senton... NOPE! To the floor, Darby dives and gets caught but slips out and shoves Samoa into the steel steps! Headed up top... COFFIN DROP TO THE FLOOR! Back inside, Coquina Clutch, Allin slips out, standing Diamond Dust sets up the Yoshi Tonic... NOT ENOUGH!

Rock Bottom out of the corner, Joe puts him up top, Darby knocks him down, Coffin Drop... COUNTERED INTO THE COQUINA CLUTCH! Allin won’t give but he flags and he fails...

Samoa Joe wins by referee stoppage with the Coquina Clutch to retain the AEW TNT Championship.

Post-match, a frustrated Allin shoves Joe and Samoa headbutts him in return! Joe grabs Darby’s skateboard and threatens referee Bryce Remsburg with it before setting it down trucks up and putting Allin on his shoulders... MUSCLE BUSTER INTO THE SKATEBOARD!

Joe puts him back into the Coquina Clutch and referees swarm to pull him off! He doesn’t let go until Wardlow comes out to make the save, whereupon Joe grabs his title belts and runs away!

Backstage, Orange Cassidy is interviewed and offers Kip Sabian an All-Atlantic Championship match. Kip begs off because he got hurt in the battle royal and Orange tells him to go find somebody who CAN fight him on Friday at Rampage.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a hype reel for Chris Jericho’s match against Claudio Castagnoli at Final Battle.

Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler YUTA) vs. Jericho Appreciation Society (“Red Death” Daniel Garcia & Jake Hager)

Garcia and YUTA to start, Daniel dances around the ring and immediately tags Hager in. Jake calls for a breather to throw a hat to Claudio. Castagnoli makes like he’s gonna put it on before balling it up and kicking it into the crowd! Jake runs Wheeler over, back suplex, lands on his feet and he chops Hager hard in the meat!

Throwing YUTA into the corner, tag to Garcia, putting boots to him and working him over, Wheeler gets a scoop slam and a senton and a cover for two to turn the tide! Dragging Daniel to his feet, tagging Claudio back in, double big boot and Garcia runs away and tags Hager back in!

Castagnoli with a drop toehold into a side headlock, a “We the People” chant breaks out and Jake breaks the hold. Up and over, hip toss, cover for one! Tag to YUTA, axehandle off the top! To the floor, a dive splatters the JAS lads, Sammy Guevara runs interference and Jake gets his Vader Bomb... NOPE!

Back and forth, YUTA up top with Garcia, he gets a superplex and both men are down and out as we go to break!

Back from commercial, YUTA and Garcia trading strikes, big German suplex from Wheeler for some separation! Tags made, Castagnoli taking it to Hager, avalanche Frankensteiner... SO CLOSE! Garcia runs in, sleeper hold blocks the giant swing, Claudio slings him off and YUTA dives on him!

Hager with an ankle lock, upkick breaks it, sunset flip sets him up... GIANT SWING! Jon Moxley cuts Sammy Guevara off, Claudio dives and gets caught into the big high-angle spinning spinebuster! Ankle lock back on, Castagnoli reaching, YUTA runs in but Garcia puts the Dragontamer on him!

Jake maneuvering around Claudio but he gets slung into the other two, Castagnoli pops him up...

Blackpool Combat Club win by pinfall with Swiss Death from Claudio Castagnoli on Jake Hager.

Post-match, Tony Schiavone gets in the ring to show us an interview he did with William Regal some weeks back that he thinks might shed some light on recent events.

Regal says people will only see this if something bad happens to him, and he says he took great exception to what MJF did to Tony, and he’s mad about emails and so he gave him what he wanted. He’s world champion! Be careful what you wish for, because everybody in this company will be chasing him.

He realized months ago that he was surplus to requirements to the Blackpool Combat Club, but he knew they wouldn’t let him go, so he wanted to show them he could go and they could teach Wheeler and make him the best wrestler he can be, and they’ll see what he does and take the example.

He says this is his final lesson— always stay one step ahead, and always keep eyes in the back of your head. He’s Blackpool Combat Club until the day he dies, and it’s been emotional.

Back in the ring tonight, Moxley and Claudio look a little confused and take a minute to collect themselves. Jon says he only knows one thing for sure— the three men in this ring live and breath pro wrestling, and you can call them whatever you want, but at Final Battle this war with the Jericho Appreciation Society is over.

Mox says he’s making an open challenge at Rampage and at Final Battle, Claudio and Wheeler will make their statements.

A House of Black vignette follows where they declare war on anyone that has an issue with them and issue a challenge for next week, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get Tony Schiavone doing a sit-down interview with Jamie Hayter filmed earlier.

She says the division is getting interesting, but she’s on top of the totem pole and she’s going to do her job and defend the title. She says whoever wins out of Hikaru Shida and the Bunny on Rampage gets to wrestle her for the title, because she’s a fighting champion.

Jade Cargill & the Baddies (Leila Grey & Red Velvet) vs. Kiera Hogan, Madison Rayne, & Skye Blue

Blue and Red to start, mat grappling, Velvet with a side headlock, trading nearfalls, Skye finds herself on the wrong side of town as Grey tags in. Getting Leila into the corner, tag to Rayne, drop down into a dropkick, cover for one. Smashing Grey into the corner, Blue tags in but so does Red!

Skye clocks her with a superkick but gets tripped up in the ring skirt and Velvet hammers her with forearms to send us to break!

Back from commercial, Red and Blue still going at it, Final Slice countered and both women are down and out! Tags made, Hogan and Cargill legal, Kiera lighting her up with elbows and a dropkick! Passing Grey to the floor, sliding dropkick in the corner, passing Velvet to the floor, Hogan lining Jade up but a boot gets caught and she eats a thrust spinebuster!

Madison tags in and Cargill makes short work of her...

Jade Cargill & the Baddies win by pinfall with Jaded from Cargill on Madison Rayne.

Backstage, Tony Schiavone interviews Saraya, but before any questions can happen, Dr. Britt Baker, DMD rolls up.

She congratulates Saraya on the biggest win of her career and promises her it won’t happen again. She says Saraya came to AEW and her first match was a pay-per-view match against the biggest star on the show, and she has plane tickets for January 11, where Saraya can either sit in the front row or she can have a match.

Not against Britt in a singles, but in a tag match against her and Jamie Hayter.

Commentary hypes up our next week or so of matches and we go to break.

FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) vs. the Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) (c) (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Bowens and Harwood to start, tag to Wheeler, trading headlock takeover and headscissors counters and then nearfalls into a stalemate! Tags made, shot off, shoulder block, hip toss into an armbar! Dax to his feet, tag to Bowens, shoulder armbreaker but Harwood clocks him with a right hook!

Chops in the corner, whip across, fighting over hip tosses, they end up in the ropes and referee Paul Turner tries and fails to separate them! Match breaks down, all four men in the ring and brawling! Bowens off the top, Scissor Me Timbers! Working Dax over, he slides under, double leg into the Sharpshooter but Caster blocks with palm strikes!

Reversing into a Sharpshooter of his own, Anthony cuts off Cash when he runs in and we got double Sharpshooters! Fighting to the floor, they catapult Max Caster into the frame of the ring and scissor each other to send us to break!

Back from commercial, Wheeler’s working Caster over, suplex lift into the turnbuckles, big right hands and he climbs to join him! Jockeying for position, Cash gets knocked down, Max off the top, diving crossbody! Dax tags in, back body drop and a tag to Bowens! Big right hands to both FTR men, punches and overhead elbows take Harwood down!

Running knee gets Anthony a two count, Harwood powers up, rolling German suplexes, standing switch, O’Connor roll for two! Dax has to stop short to avoid a malfunction at the junction, fireman’s carry neckbreaker from Bowens... NOT ENOUGH! FTR with a spike piledriver... ANTHONY BOWENS WILL NOT STAY DOWN!

Looking for a double brainbuster, Bowens reverses, small package and a rolling elbow but neither do the job! La Casadora / Ace Crusher... DAX WANTS IT TOO MUCH! Looking for Big Rig, Caster blocks, he gets Dax up, Harwood reverses and passes him into the turnbuckles! They get Caster up and hit the Big Rig... BOWENS BREAKS IT UP WITH NO TIME TO SPARE!

Anthony hits the Arrival, Caster perches... NOBODY HOME FOR THE MIC DROP! Bowens with a diving lariat for Harwood on the floor, Cash clocks him with the Gory Facebuster, Max rolls him up for two! Trading strikes, big lariat wipes Caster out! A second lariat, Wheeler draws him up and hits a third!

Tenryu Powerbomb, Max rolls through...

The Acclaimed win by pinfall with a victory roll pin from Max Caster on Cash Wheeler to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

Post-match FTR, the good sports they are, scissor the Acclaimed and Daddy Ass.

The Ass Boys appear on the tron and say they got FTR some presents. They have a card from Dem Boys, the Briscoe Brothers, challenging them to a match at Final Battle! A DOUBLE DOG COLLAR MATCH!

That’s the show, folks.

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