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Renee Paquette reveals details of her AEW contract(s), hopes her role evolves

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William Regal said he had a three year AEW contract too, so maybe take this with a Rumor Roundup-sized grain of salt. But Renee Paquette’s circumstances are substantially different than her husband’s mentors. And with Jon Moxley already having re-upped with Tony Khan, Paquette is unlikely to have much of a reason to want to get out of her deal.

On his Sports Media podcast, Renee told Richard Deitsch that she has two separate three year contracts with AEW — one for her work as a talent, and another for her work as a producer.

She also told him what her hopes are for each role:

“I would love for that role to evolve. The thing with AEW is obviously, it is a wrestling company. It is a matches-heavy show. It’s not necessarily about the broadcast in the way that WWE was. It’s moreso about these great matches and showcasing talent in a different way. I love doing interviews, I love doing backstage interviews, they’re really fun for me, especially when I can work with some younger talent that maybe has not been in that kind of situation before.

“There’s so many people that I’m dying to do proper sit-down interviews with. I want to spend some real time with somebody and really unpeel some of those layers, and figure out who some of these characters are to try and push some of those stories forward — to give some context to fans who some of these wrestlers are. Even though some of these wrestlers are these world-renowned stars, if you’re a casual fan, you might not know who everybody is, and I would love to provide a little bit more context into who they are and really get into that stuff. To do that on the television side is something I would love to do.

“As well as, finding other ways to expand my role throughout the show. I have a couple ideas of things I really, really want to do, and I’m hoping to start to have those conversations and maybe look to execute those things in the new year. Because I do think I bring a lot more value than just doing — I could do backstage interviews in my sleep... that’s somewhere I would love to put on more of my producer hat, and help get someone else brushed up and have their chops up to where they need to be to do those backstage interviews to their fullest capacity. Whether on the wrestling or on broadcasting side, I think just being able to look at it from a different perspective is something I really enjoy.”

The “AEW is a matches-heavy show that’s not about the broadcast” is something TK’s critics will probably latch onto, and they’ll be right to. It will be interesting to see if Paquette’s ideas involve bridging that gap a bit. One of her many strengths has always been in helping wrestlers/Superstars connect with the audience, and it sounds like she recognizes that’s somewhere she can help AEW.

She’s got three years to do it.

Check out Renee’s entire conversation with Deitsch — which includes talk of working with her husband, their NFL fandom, her appreciation of Paul Heyman & Sami Zayn, a rehashing of some of her issues with working at WWE, and more — here.

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