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Claudio Castagnoli on Blackpool Combat Club’s future after William Regal’s AEW exit

When it comes to the William Regal story, most of the wrestling world’s attention has been on why and how he’s leaving AEW for WWE nine months into what was believed to be a three year contract.

But there’s also the matter of the kayfabe hole Regal leaves on Dynamite & Rampage. The segment he had with Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson on Nov. 23 explains why Mox isn’t pursuing vengeance on Regal for helping Maxwell Jacob Friedman take the World title. And his write-off last Wednesday sets the stage for Danielson to challenge MJF for the belt.

What about Blackpool Combat Club, though? You know, the group Bryan & Mox formed when Regal debuted in AEW? The one that bears the name of his hometown in England?

The group’s latest recruit was asked about the BCC during an interview with The Dallas Morning News to promote next week’s “Winter is Coming” shows. Claudio Castagnoli said:

“I mean, I guess we have to … we have to wait and see. You know, we’re still talking, I think we have to have a little group meeting to figure out what’s next, or if there’s a next. So yeah, I’ll leave it at that.”

It’s not even clear if Danielson and Moxley are terribly interested in being Club members right now, so Castagnoli may just have to hash this one out with Wheeler Yuta.

More importantly, Claudio reflected on his relationship with Regal. Working together again meant a lot to fka Cesaro, even if it was only for a few months:

“I never stop learning from him. He’s the reason I got into WWE in the first place back in 2011, and he was one of the reasons why I really, you know, felt at home when I got to AEW because he was there. I was also the man who ended his career. So, I feel like there’s that connection there. There’s that respect. If you share the ring with somebody, there has to be a connection, especially when it’s somebody like William Regal. And I always learn from him, just the fact to be around him as much as I have been in the last couple of months in AEW, and to be around him not just in the back but also in front of the camera, it’s been emotional.”

No mention of how many others on the AEW/ROH roster embraced the opportunity to learn from Regal.

Anyway... what do you think the future holds for the BCC without the old villain from Blackpool?

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