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Swerve Strickland calls out Lucha Underground rival for match in AEW

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The legacy of Lucha Underground lives!

MLW has done a good job carrying on the memory of Lucha Underground with Cesar Duran (alias Dario Cueto) and other various characters from the Robert Rodriguez produced lucha libre series.

Now, AEW is getting in on the fun.

Jon Moxley, of all people, dropped a Lucha Underground reference on Rampage by mentioning a past character played by Swerve Strickland. Mox complimented the mogul by saying Killshot was his favorite wrestler for a few years. Killshot was Swerve under the mask.

My initial reaction was giddy astonishment that Moxley watched Lucha Underground. The praise seemed like a genuine delivery to me. Apparently, Swerve took the Killshot recognition as a diss. After he defeated Wheeler Yuta in the Rampage main event, Swerve discussed future plans for AEW’s debut in his hometown of Seattle for Dynamite next week. Mox’s comment inspired Swerve to call out a past rival from the Temple by challenging AR Fox to settle unfinished business.

Good ole Tony Khan signed off on the proposal to make the match official.

Swerve and Fox have deep history in Lucha Underground as Killshot and Dante Fox. Killshot was a mysterious soldier who unknowingly left Fox behind to die as a prisoner of war in Afghanistan. That was the reason for the bad blood.

The feud culminated at Ultima Lucha Tres Part I in The Hell of War three stages contest with First Blood, No DQ, and Ambulance Match as the stipulations. It was a violent affair with barbed wire boards and panes of glass.

Swerve was victorious in the end after hitting Fox in the head with a bottle. Fox then fell off the bandstand from high above crashing through glass. Swerve loaded his rival into the ambulance to end the fight.

The next chapter of Swerve versus Fox takes place on the January 4 edition of Dynamite. Believers, get hyped!

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