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William Regal says goodbye to AEW

All Elite Wrestling

William Regal’s nine-ish month run with All Elite Wrestling will always be a curiosity.

We’ve read rumors and heard Tony Khan’s account of why he let Regal return to work with his son (and Triple H) at WWE, and seen the way he was written out of AEW’s storylines. Whether Khan made the right business or creative decisions will always be debated.

But whether it was the right call or not, we knew it was a done deal around the end of the year. And that’s upon us, so Regal tweeted out a farewell to the company he briefly called home, thanking his employers & co-workers, and taking a bit of a shot at those who claimed to have inside information about his situation:

Yesterday was my last official day with AEW. I’d like to thank Tony Khan, Mega [Megha Parekh, AEW’s head of legal], and all the hard working crew. Contrary to people who’ve never spoken to me or have their information from people who don’t know me or are trying to make themselves noticed, I had a lovely time working there and had a great time. Lots of talented Wrestlers, and lovely people to work for. To my fellow BCC members, it was a special, albeit brief few months but it cemented our already strong friendship. To everyone there, thank you for welcoming me. Best wishes.

Per Khan, Regal won’t appear on television for WWE in 2023. We should have more information on what exactly he will be doing soon, but regardless, a statement like this is another good example of why pretty much everyone in the business is interested in working with him.

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